What is the friend code for franktownrox?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: What is the friend code for franktownrox?
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How do you know your own friend code?

you go to your palpad and select my friend code or ______'s friend code and it will tell you

Who has a friend code for Animal Crossing City Folk?

My friend code is Name: Skull Town: Ember Friend code:4641-3377-6769 I need your friend code too!

How do you know your friend code?

The friend code is unspoken. It is essentially an honor code; a natural way to interact with your friends. There is not website or law that outlines the friend code.

How do you find your friend code on Pokemon platinum?

You find your friend code by going in your pal pad, and select (Your name) friend code

Does anyone have a furry friend code?

you have to buy a furry friend to get the code

How do you get a friend code in Naruto path of ninja 2?

You have to connect to wifi and it will give you a friend code. to see if you have a friend code go to the menu and look at "user" then "view friend code." Credit: Aliel3333333

My friend code is 5413 3021 4985 i nees to know your friend code?

d fizz'z friend code:: 4855 1438 3870

How do you get your friend code in Animal Crossing?

Talk to copper then say friend code

Is it safe to give out your friend code?

yes !! its safe to give out your friend code!!!

How do I get my friend code on Animal Crossing?

Talk to Copper and ask to get a friend code.

How do you get a friend code for Nintendo DSi?

The DSi doesn't have a friend code, it is individual games that have them. To get the friend code for the game, you'd have to specify which games. For example you see your Final Fantasy 3 friend code if you use Mognet, and you get a friend code for the pokemon games when you use your Pal Pad.

How do you get a friend code on acww?

Go to the gate where Booker and Copper are. Talk to Copper and select 'Get Friend Code!'. You will need to have an internet connection to get your friend code.