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Q: What is the front area of hotel called?
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What is the registration area of a hotel called?

One registers in the lobby at the front desk .

What is the front desk in hotel?

the reception area-where you register as a guest

What is the definition of front of the house in terms of hospitality?

Front of house refers to the physical area of the busines (hotel, restaurant, etc) where you serve Customers. For example, the front of the house for a hotel would be the area of the front desk, lobby, lounge, breakfast area. The front of the house in a restaurant is basically every area where the Customer has access to such as the dining area, bar, lounge, lobby, bathrooms.

What is front room of a hotel called?

If you're referring to the main entrance hall its called the hotel lobby.

What is the person called that stands behind the counter in a hotel?

A receptionist would normally sit at the front desk of a hotel.

Why is that front office is called a nerve center of the hotel?

because all transaction are there in front office

What area of the hotel deals with reservations?

mostly it is dealed with at the front counter desk or at the check in

What is the meaning of reffing?

storig area in hotel is called ref bar

What is a pouch like area at the front of a turkeys throat?

The pouch on the front of a Turkey's area is called a wattle.

What is the meaning of ref bar?

storig area in hotel is called ref bar

What is the name of a french word for someone who works behind the desk in a hotel lobby?

the person working at the desk in an hotel lobby is called "réceptioniste" in French. The front desk is called "la réception".

Definition of front office department in hotel?

The front office department at most hotels is the department responsible for taking care of guests on arrival and departure. The department operates the front desk area and sometimes the concierge desk.