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Ask questions here about home construction and building. Whether you are building from the ground up, or remodeling a section of your home, you will find valuable answers here.

Asked in Home & Garden, Architecture, Home Construction

What is a wrap around driveway?

A wrap around driveway wraps around the house, leading to the garage behind the house (usually the garage would not be visible from the road). ...
Asked in Literature and Language, Definitions, Home Construction

What does porch mean?

A covered platform, usually having a separate roof, at an entrance to a building. An open or enclosed gallery or room attached to the outside of a building; a verandah. an exterior appendage to a building, forming a covered approach or vestibule to a doorway. 1. A covered platform, usually having a separate roof, at an entrance to a building. 2. An open or enclosed gallery or room attached to the outside of a building; a verandah. 3. Obsolete A portico or covered walk. ...
Asked in Travel & Places, Home Construction

Why do houses in hot places have thick walls?

for mud huts -- the sun heat penetrates thin walls-- thicker walls keep it cooler inside. Before heat from the outside can work its way to the inside of a thick wall, the temperature drops on the outside and the direction of heat transfer reverses. If the wall is thick enough the interior temperature will remain constant and cool on a hot day without using any energy. ...
Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Units of Measure, Home Construction, How To

How to convert board feet into tons?

A board foot is a unit of volume equivalent to 144 cubic inches. To find tons, you would need to know the density of the particular wood that you are interested in. ==================================================== Boardfeet is based upon nominal dimensions. For example the nominal dimensions of a 2x4 is 2" x 4". It's actual dimension is closer to 1 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches. So there will be some error in the calculation if you are attempted to determine the weight of dimensional...
Asked in Buildings, Bridges and Tunnels, Home Construction

How does a slump test check strength?

Slump check does not measure strength. It measures workability. Workability is the ease with which concrete can be placed in position. Correct as far as it goes! Slump refers to workability however it is also, all telling as to the water content of the mix. The more water, the easier it will work! Problem becomes, too much water will increase the porosity making the concrete weak and susceptible to early degradation because contaminates are able to enter and commence corrosion of embedded steel. A...
Asked in Home & Garden, Personal Safety and Security, Human Behavior, Home Construction

Why do people need shelter to survive?

ANSWER Shelter provides protection. Protection from weather and predators. Without shelter you may freeze in the winter or become dinner for an animal. Shelter may come in many different forms, for example caves, trees or man made structures. It is my opinion that shelter is not needed to survive per-say, it is needed to extend one's survival. ...
Asked in Home Improvement, Science, Home Construction

Is stone a good or bad thermal insulator?

Stone is most definitely not a good thermal insulator. It changes its temperature quickly with the surrounding environment. In fact, stone is a thermal conductor and will pass heat or cold right to the adjacent materials. ...
Asked in Home Construction

How do garage-door openers know when to stop?

As the drive chain passes through the motor it activates travel switches to stop up or down travel. ...
Asked in Home Construction, Food Chains and Food Webs

Where place in the food chain is the horse?

Between the baked patatoes and the broccoli (with cheese sauce).
Asked in Building and Carpentry, Buildings, Home Construction

What does WIR mean on a floor plan?

Work in Revision. This means that this area of the drawing may change.
Asked in Greece, Home Construction

What is a Lamia house?

A Lamia house is in the style of the city of Lamia, Greece. The style may be found along the extreme southwest coast of Italy. That's the part of Italy where influences remain from the ancient settlement of the area by Greeks. The house tends to be smaller, but roomy and well organized. It tends to be built of stone. ...
Asked in Home Improvement, Plumbing, Home Construction

What would cause the inside wall in a tile shower to become wet if there is no plumbing in this wall?

Answer If there is no plumbing in the wall it has to be either a leak from upstairs that's running down the wall or the grout or caulk has gone bad and every time you take a shower you make it worse. Grout is cheap and easy. Try scraping out the old grout between the tiles and then regrout between them to seal them. If any tiles fall off when you scrape out the old grout, that means the tile cement as...
Asked in Home Construction, How To

How to Open garage door when opener is broken?

Many individual never thought of the work our garage door does - lifting and closing a large door every day, over and over again.. The fact is, your garage door opener really doesn't do much work, because of a physics helper, the spring! Springs are utilized as the door is lowered, and the springs are stretched out (the motor literally pushes the garage door down). When it is time to lift the door, the springs do 95% of the work as...
Asked in Building and Carpentry, The Difference Between, Home Construction

Are there dome homes other than geodesic and monolithic?

Not really, but if you consider the versatility of dome construction you don't really need more. Monolithic domes can be designed in some very interesting freeform shapes. And geodesic domes can be customized and personalized so they don't look like "cookie cutter" or prefab homes. Personally, I love the look you get when you cluster several smaller sized domes. This is how I want to design ours when we finally get around to it. I also plan to incorporate a sunroom/screened dome. There are...
Asked in Building and Carpentry, Home Construction

What is the right roof pitch for a dormer?

12 pitch ? <><> Depends on what type of dormer you are talking about. If the dormer has a pitched roof, such as a "gable," it's framed with the same roof pitch as the original roof, so it blends in. A "shed," dormer on the other hand is usually had on homes with a roof pitch of at least 8 in 12 or steeper. This type of dormer needs a roof pitch shallower than that of the original. A general rule of thumb...
Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Area, Home Construction

How many concrete hollow blocks in 1 square meter?

It depends on the size of each block and their orientation.
Asked in Home Construction

What is the current cost of home construction per square foot in North Carolina?

To find the cost you can contact local companies directly or use a website that I like to use myself, good luck. ...
Asked in Home Construction, Concrete and Cement

Is there a demand for decorating concrete?

Yes, there is. It is not large. Some people and companies want some new piece of concrete decorated. Like a home patio. Look in the Yellow Pages in your city and see who is already out there in the market. ...
Asked in Home Construction

What does 'sister' mean in building?

When you put a new piece of wood against an old piece because you want the strength but cannot take the old piece out. Typically done with joists, rafters, or studs. ...
Asked in Home Construction

How do you thaw frozen garage door?

Just to add to Olivia's answer, if the dryer doesn’t work or works too slow, soak a towel in hot water and rub it over the bottom seal, it should work too. ...
Asked in Home Construction, Height

How tall is a story?

Although 10 feet is a common estimate for a storey (may also be spelled story) height, every building is unique and storey heights can vary widely. A storey describes the distance between two levels of a structure and can vary depending on the building, it's function, etc. Most homes have story heights of 9-10 feet. Commercial buildings, such as office buildings or retail stores, can have storey heights ranging from 10-15 feet or more. Big-box stores, such as Walmart or Home Depot, have...