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What is the full form of HTML?

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HTML is stand for Hyper Text Markup language. HTML is a skeleton of your website. HTML is a markup language which is very useful for designing a website because without html we can't design a website that's why because html we provide all design pattern for design a website and all browser is only understand HTML format. For more info visit @javatpoint

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HyperText Markup Language. == == It means HyperText Markup Language It is used for creating web pages.

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What is the full form HTML?

It is Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

What is the full meaning HTML?

the full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a markup language for the web.

What is the full form of src in HTML?


Html full form?

Html is a standard markup language used to create web pages. In full form, it stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

What is the full form of HREF in HTML?

Hypertext Reference.

What is the full form xhtml?

The full form of XHTML is Extensive Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a form of HTML only and is similar.

What is the full form of HTML dtd?

The full for of the acronym "HTML dtd" would be "Hyper-Text Markup Language Document Type Definition."

Full form of HTML and dHTML?

HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language and DHTML should be Dynamic HTML. Saurabh Pandey

What is the full form of li in HTML?

It stands for List Item.

What is the full form of HTML in computers?

High tempered meter low

What is full form of ROM and HTML?

ROM is an acronym for read-only memory and HTML stands for hypertext mark-up language.

What form is HTML written in?

HTML is the form.

What is the full form of HTML dom?

Hypertext Markup Language, Document Object Model

Why is HTML called Hyper Text Markup Language?

It is the full form of HTML so it is called so. It is a markup language containing markup tags.

Full form of HTML?

the answer is Hyper Text Markup Language gud luck whoever wants to no it

What is the full form of BR in HTML?

The correct HTML form for BR is . BR is a tag to force a line break. It was introduced as a single tag, with no companion tag. The and tags work with older HTML, but for HTML 5, you need to have an ending tag for each tag. You can create your own ending tag by adding forward slash within the single tag: .

What a fullform of HTML?

HTML in full stands for hypertext markup language.

How do you create an application form using HTML form controls?

You can use a WYSIWYG html editor to drag and drop html form controls and program their function. An html editor such as Microsoft Front Page or Adobe DreamWeaver can do these tasks.

How does HTML code produce the form displayed in the browser?

As subtle distinction between HTML and browser is that HTML code does not produce the form; the browser produces the form. The browser interprets HTML code to determine how to display page content.

How do you go from HTML form to php?

Build your form in HTML and specify your PHP file in the action of the document. HTML does the form stuff, PHP the processing (although you can - of course - use HTML inside PHP via print() or echo(), too)

What is structure of HTML?

HTML has a structure in which tags play a major role. They form the complete base of the HTML.

What is the full form of HTTP and HTML?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is HTTP. Hypertext Markup Language is HTML. In both case Hypertext is written as one word, even though it contributes two letters to the acronym.

What is the HTML form process?

HTML: Hyper text markup language Form is an object of a HTML..Inside it one can use many objects like text box,button. <form name="formname" id="f1"> our content </form>

What is HTML View?

The view of the website in form of HTML is HTML view. It is the basic code you write in text editor.

Can HTML form be sent by Ajax?

Yes. You can use AJAX to submit the form. You can also use AJAX to get the actual HTML to produce the form (although you might also simply use that AJAX call to describe the form and then produce the HTML on the receiving end.)

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