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What is the full form of LED BULB?


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Light-emitting-diode bulb

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LED stands for light emitting diode.

Quartzoid Bulb Detectors

Light Emitting Diodes.

Compact or Cathode Fluorescent Lamp.

it depends on the kind of led bulb

LCD is Liquid Crystal Display and LED is Light emitting diode.

light emitting diode television..

LED Video light is a combination of LEDs in the form of a round shape to depict a bulb, in the form of square shape, and many different shapes. Nowadays, LED TVs are also coming into the world which is a television that uses LED as pixels.

Bulb is an electrical lighting element,stands for.British University and Literacy Bank.Beneficial and Universal Literacy of Biology.

An LED has a longer life than an incandescent light bulb.

Yes, absolutely. As long as the LED bulb and incandescent bulb have the same base they will both fit the socket. The LED bulb will also run much cooler than the original incandescent bulb.

There is no direct cross over replacement for the halogen bulb. The pin configurations are different. The halogen bulb has pins whereas the LED lamp is an intermediate screw in base. The LED bulb uses an intermediate base so that it can be screwed into a regular household fixture as a direct replacement for the old incandescent type bulb.

LED light bulbs are more energy efficient, environment friendly, and provide you more savings.

LED means light-emitting diode.

Any replacement bulb, LED or not, can be used, so long as the voltage specs are respected and that the bulb's contacts are of the same type.

yes, much brighter than 160 watt incandescent bulb. LED bulbs are much more efficiency in energy.

hi, Full name of LED is "Light Emitting Diode"!

Depending on the type of light bulb the mass can vary. A standard LED bulb weighs 6.2 ounces.

A 3 watt led light is not the same as a 45 watt bulb. A led light is a lot brighter.

LED instant, Filiment ithin a few cycles, the Fluorescent needs a starter to fire first

Yes but it will only have one brightness unless it is a 3 way LED bulb.

Runaway winner for me - LED light bulbs

Yes, you can replace ordinary light bulbs with an LED.

You just ask The Home Depot,You Can Do It, we can help . LOL

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