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An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) also called Continuous power supply

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What is the full form of ups?

the full form of UPS is universal serial bus

What is the full name of UPS in computer?

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Full form of ups?

Uninterupted power suply

What full form of ups?

Uninterruptible Power Supply

What is the full form of ALU UPS?

ALU - Arthamatica and logical unit ups -uninterruptible power supply

What is the full form of ups in computer system?

Universal Power Supply. These are the power supply units that you use to prevent your computer from immediately powering off during a power outage, giving you a chance to shut down and prevent damage.

Is ups a peripheral device?

A peripheral is a device attached to a host computer, but not part of it, and is more or less dependent on the host. It expands the host's capabilities, but does not form part of the core computer architecture.But a Computer is plugged into the UPS not vice versa. Its not dependent on the host. Power is not the host capabality so UPS doesnot expands it.So UPS is not a peripheral device.

Why is there a USB port on my UPS?

You would need to check with the manufacturer of the UPS. Most likely this is to connect to the computer that the UPS is supporting. As the UPS will only be able to power the computer for a small amount of time there is normally a connection between the computer and UPS. This is for the UPS to tell the computer it is now running on the batteries and to tell the computer to shut-down in a controlled way.

What is the abbreviation of UPS in computer?

UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply

What are mock-ups?

full sized model of a structure

How does a computer connect with a ups?

If, by UPS you mean 'Un-interruptable Power Supply' (as opposed to the web-site for UPS parcels... You plug your computer into the UPS and the UPS into the mains. If the mains power fails for any reason, the UPS will maintain power to your computer for a limited time - to enable you to finish your work and close it down properly. A UPS is essentially a giant re-chargeable battery.

A ups that can be controlled by software from a computer is called a smart ups?

Yes that is corrrect. A smart UPS will communicate with the computer in the event that the main power goes out. It will keep the computer running for a time, then if the main power does not come back on, the UPS will command a safe shut down, and the computer will turn off.

What is UPS stand for in computer?

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply.

What devices are use to protect your computer from fluctuation in electricity?

UPS are used to prevent computer from fluctuation. UPS do not allow fluctuating current to go into the computer.

FULL meaning of UPS?

In computers, UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply.

What are the advantages of ups?

A UPS will condition your power going to a computer so that its always the right voltage, thus making your parts last longer. It will also protect it from surges and power outages from anywhere from 30mins to 1hour long.

What the use of computer UPS?

A computer UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is designed to provide power to a computer system if normal power fails. The length of time a UPS will support a computer depends on the capacity of the UPS and the draw of the system being supported. Properly configured and installed, most systems will monitor the UPS and begin a normal shutdown when notified by the UPS that a power outage is in process. Some are large enough to maintain computer operations long enough for backup power generation to come online.

Should i use voltage stabilizer for my computer though have ups?

if you are using UPS then no need to use stabilizer.because your computer gets supply from ups after many process,even if you are getting fro ups.when outlet power is available ups in online mode and it feeds your computer from direct supply authority,but ups has some design to stabilize this voltage,

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There are many different kinds of push ups. The push ups range from beginner to expert. Push ups can workout different parts of your body depending on what kinds of push ups you do.

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1) National Union of Teachers 2) Network UPS Tools 3) Nuclear utilization target selection

How do you allow pop ups on your computer?

This same thing happened to me my computer is the worst!

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