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to transport oxygen all around the body.

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The destruction of old RBC is a function of?


Destruction of old RBC is a function of?

the spleen

What is normal rbc in urine?

RBC must not be found in the urine if the patient does not have menstrution.Remember, a positive RBC in the urine indicates a problem in the filtration rate function of the kidneys.

What affects the formation and function of RBC?

red blood cells

What are the characteristics and function of red blood cells?

Red blood cells (RBC) are roundly shaped and have an indent in the middle (like a donut) but no hole. The indent is to increase the surface area of the RBC, thus, making the RBC highly efficient. The function of a RBC is to carry oxygen and other needed nutrients to specific areas of the human body, also is certain parts of the body, carry waste from an area to the liver.

What is Dysmorphic RBC?

1.small rbc 2.twister rbc 3.bite rbc 4.acanthocyte rbc 5.donat rbc 6.mikey mouse rbc

What is the function of hemocytometer in cell count?

used to count the number of RBC,WBC and in Sperm count

What is function of sodium citrate?

to lyes the white blood cell in other way to count rbc

Main function of RBc?

The main function of red blood cells is to transport oxygen to tissues from the lungs and carbon dioxide out from the tissues to the lungs to breathed out of the body

Why does a rbcs lack cellular organelles?

a RCB lacks cellular organelles because its main function is to transpor oxygen, and for this it contains hemoglobin. it is astimated that a RBC contains about 2 billion hemoglobin cells. to carry out the main funtion for which a RBC is made all its other organells are absent. A RBC on the other hand has a nucleus when it is formed but brfore entering the blood stream the RBC loses it. this is mainly because the main function of the nucleus is to divide the cell and the RBCs are already being produced in the lower part of the vertibra,

Which is essential for formation of RBC?

if we consider the formation of RBCs Erythropoietin, produced by the kidneys, signals RBC formation in the red bone marrow is required. but if we consider the activation of rbc so haemoglobin is essential, in which haemoglobin consiats of single molecule so we can also say for the activation of rbc that:- IRON------>HAEMOGLOBIN------>RBC and RBC are produced as BY KIDNEY------->ERTHROPROTEIN------>RBC

What is the function of a human spleen?

to remove dead and old rbc they also are the organ involved in immunity they help in hematopoiessis in embryonic life

What is RBC Dexia's population?

RBC Dexia's population is 2,012.

What is the population of RBC Dexia?

The population of RBC Dexia is 5,500.

When was RBC TV created?

RBC TV was created in 2003.

What animal has a nucleus in matured RBC?

A frog has a nucleus in matured RBC.

What is the normal life span of a RBC?

The life span of rbc is 4 month.

What is RBC in biology?

Usually, RBC stands for red blood cells in Biology.

What does the medical abbreviation RBC mean?

RBC means red blood cell.

What is the population of RBC Capital Markets?

The population of RBC Capital Markets is 6,500.

When was RBC Radio created?

RBC Radio was created on 1989-03-15.

When was RBC Bank created?

RBC Bank was created on 1990-11-02.

How does erythropoiesis affect hematocrit?

Erythropoiessi controls the production of RBC so hematocrit is controlled by the rate of RBC production. RBC=Red Blood Cells

Is there a rbc express in California?

"Unfortunately, there is not an RBC Express in the state of California. RBC Express is a Canadian banking institutional and is generally only located in Canada."

Function of sternum?

The function of the sternum is to protect the heart, produce red blood cells (RBC), form an attachment to most of the ribs, along with the ribs, which form a "cage", to also protect the lungs and a portion of the liver.