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1. To instill awe 2. to explain the world 3. To support customs 4. To guide people

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A creation myth typically explains how the world and everything in it was created, offering a narrative that helps individuals understand their place in the world and the meaning of existence. It often serves to provide a cultural or religious explanation for the origins of the universe, humanity, and other natural phenomena. Additionally, creation myths can reinforce societal values, norms, and beliefs.

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Q: What is the function of a creation myth?
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Why is The Origin of the Robin considered a creation myth?

Why is "The Origin of the Robin" considered a creation myth?

Would Thor be an example of creatoin myth?

No. A creation myth is one where the creation of the world is explained.

Which creation myth does not say that humans were created from dust?

The Norse myth.

Is there a creation myth or story behind the creation of Islam?

Another response from our community:It is not a myth or story.

Did Ancient Japan have a creation myth?


What would a story that explains humankind be called?

"A Tale of Humanity"

What is the egyptian's creation myth?

In the Egyptian creation myth, the world was supposed to have come into existence from a huge, lifeless sea. This happened when the sun rose for the first time.

What is a good sentences with the word myth in it?

Creationists believe that the story of creation in the book of Genesis is not a myth.

Science about the creation?

There is no science about creation. Creation is an unfounded myth with absolutely no evidence to support it. Try asking about evolution instead.

When did the genesis theory come about?

" Genesis theory!?!? " If you mean the Judeo-Christian creation myth then you are in the wrong section. This is a Western creation myth that has no basis in science and is certainly not a theory.

What was the myth of the world creation in mythology?

Whose mythology? Every culture has their own Creation story.

What is an example of creation myth?

One example of a creation myth is the story of how the universe was created by a supreme being or deity, such as in the story of Genesis in the Bible where God created the world in 6 days. Another example is the Inca creation myth where the god Viracocha created the world and all living things.