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cash department role in bank

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Q: What is the function of cash department in a bank?
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What are the function of accounts department in bank?

Dear Sir, To All, What are the function of Account Opening Department in bank, Please kindly write here to me,,,,

Who is the director funds remittance and cash transfer department hfc bank London?

Mrs.Linda Scott

What is dual function of the cash book as a book of prime entry?

it serves as a prime book as well as a ledger

Is cash in bank- current is part of cash and cash equivalent?

cash in bank is current assests

What are the functions of remittance department in bank?

to handle out flows and in flows of cash from domestic or international territories. It supplies the cash to dear ones frome the dear ones from aboard

Where to cash a check from Deutsche Bank?

You can cash a check from Deutsche Bank at any bank. Typically you will need to cash it at the bank in which you do business and provide identification in order to cash a check.

What is the function of sales department in bank?

The sales department of the bank is responsible for improving the sales of the bank. They are responsible for reaching out to new/potential customers and canvassing them to open bank accounts or to apply for loans and other products like credit cards etc. If the sales department is not working efficiently, the bank may not be able to expand its customer base.

What will be the entry in cash book when cheque is paid to bank?

There will be no entry in cash book when cheque is paid into bank if cash was deposited into bank then there will be entry in cash book

What is the journal entry for cash deposited to bank?

The journal entry would be: Bank A/c Dr To Cash A/c

How will this entry in three column cash book cash at bank?

Cash deposited will be shown in cash column while bank account will be debited to bank account and balance in bank column of cash book while as this is contra entry "C" will be shown in third column for both cash and bank.

What is cash book with bank column?

Cash book with bank column is double column cash book.

Can I get a cash loan in the bank?

A bank institution will never hand out a loan in cash money. The bank will almost always make a deposit to your bank account, from which you can then withdraw cash.

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