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it serves as a prime book as well as a ledger

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7dual function of cash book as a book of prime entry and as a ledger for bank amd cash

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Q: What is dual function of the cash book as a book of prime entry?
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How is cash cash book a both book of prime entry and ledger account?

how is cash book both a book of prime entr and an account

Why cashbook is a book of prime entry and part of the double entry system?

The cash book is a book of prime (original) entry because it is written up from business documents. The cash book is part of the double entry system as it acts as ledger accounts for cash and bank.

Books of prime entry?

book of prime entry are the first recorded book. The book of prime have including cash book , sales day book . purchase day book , and so on..

What will be the entry in cash book when cheque is paid to bank?

There will be no entry in cash book when cheque is paid into bank if cash was deposited into bank then there will be entry in cash book

When double entry for transaction appear on both side the cash book is called?

When double entry for both side of cash books appears that type of transaction is called contra entry as in double column cash book entry for receiving or paying cash in bank or from bank requires entry on debit as well as credit side of cash book.

What are the books of prime entry and why are they so called?

These r accounting books which is marked with foremost entry of transaction, that's why it is called prime entry .. usually journal is referred as book of prime entry but in big organisations others books are maintained for giving spl importance .. they r 1.debtors book 2. creditors book 3.bills receiveble 4.bills payable book 6.sales return books

What is the difference between cash book and cash account?

Cash Account :- 1. Is an account in the ledger. 2. Cash account is part of the ledger. Cash account is opened in the ledger in which posting is done from some book of original entry. 3. In cash account posting is not followed by narration. 4. It only records one aspect of transaction involving cash & bank. Cash Book :- 1. Is a separate book of account forming a part of accounting system. 2. Cash book records entries directly from transaction & there is no need for a book of prime entry. 3. In cash book entries are followed by narration also. 4. It records both the aspect of this transaction in cash & bank columns to complete double entry posting.

Example for single entry system?

5 examples of single entry cash book

How do you start a journal entry about a book?

Debit book expenseCredit cash / bank

Is a petty cash voucher a book of original entry?


What is the journal entry to made a down payment of cash and issued note payable?

cash book

How will this entry in three column cash book cash at bank?

Cash deposited will be shown in cash column while bank account will be debited to bank account and balance in bank column of cash book while as this is contra entry "C" will be shown in third column for both cash and bank.

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