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In some file systems, writing and erasing files will eventually split the files into many separate physical locations (fragments) on your hard drive. This can cause excessive waste of space (many blocks of the harddrive may only be partially used) and many movements of the head that reads the disk when reading just one single file.

Defragmentation addresses this problem by collecting fragments of files into contiguous (unbroken) areas of the disk. Resulting in quicker read times and less wasted (unacessible) areas of the disk.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I tend to think of a badly fragmented and cluttered drive as a messy closet or desk where it takes double the time to find anything. Disk defragmentation organizes scattered file fragments on the drive in such a way as to speed up the data access leading to faster opening of programs and files.

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Q: What is the function of disk defragmentation?
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What is reorganizing a disk called?

reorganizing the disk Defragmentation actually reorganizes the disk.

What tool can you use to defragment your volumes by recopying fragmented files to contiguous space on the disk?

Disk Defragmentation

What is disk fragmantation?

Defragmentation is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in file systems.

What is Disk clean up Disk Defragmentation Device manager and System Restore?

What is applications all found in windows XP

What is the difference between disk clean up and disk defragmentation?

Disk defragmentation organises the file structure of harddisk by gathering files that are stored in fragments & piecing them together to form a large fragments. It makes the drive function more quickly & reduce the amount of hops to read single file. Disk clean up will delete all the junk & temporary files & will increase the speed of ur computer by creating more space

What maintenance operation should be performed to prevent a slowdown in data access speed?

Disk defragmentation.

When does a person use disk defragmentation?

A person should use disk defrag weekly to keep computer from slowing down but you only have to do it when it does slow down.

What is file defragmentation?

Disk Derangement is a tool that rearranges the data on your hard disk and reunites fragmented files so your computer can run more efficiently.

Which windows utilities would you use to realign the file structure on the disk to optimize performance?

Defragmentation utility.

What does it mean if a disk is fragmented?

If a disk is fragmented, this means that the files in your computer are spread out all over the disk taking up too much space. This can be corrected by defragmentation which consolidate all the data.

Rearranging the data on the hard drive so all files are stored in contiguous locations is called?

Disk Defragmentation

How does disk-defragmentation work?

Go to Start then all programs, put your mouse on accessories then system tools and click on Disk Defragmenter. It moves around files on your disk so that they are not so spread out so your disk has to spin less.

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