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they help destroy and speed up the chemical reaction on a living thing

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The function of enzymes in living things is to catalyze (instigate, speed up) chemical reactions.

The function of restriction enzymes in living cells is to destroy the DNA of invading microorganisms, such as viruses. These enzymes are commonly found in bacteria and archaea.

Enzymes are biocatalysts. They are used as catalysts for biochemical reactions in living cells.

The cell is the basic unit of structure and function in a living thing.

No. A cell is living; the smallest unit of life. Enzymes are nonliving chemicals.

The function of DNA in living things is information storage. It codes for all the proteins a living thing needs and when those proteins will be produced during the life of the living thing.

Cell ,is basic unit of structure and function in a living organism .

Enzyme is a type of protien that speeds up a chemical reaaction in a living thing

Enzymes speed up chemical reactions that take place in cells. Temperature, pH, and regulatory molecules can affect the activity of enzymes.

Enzymes are absolutely critical in normal biological function. Living organisms would not be able to produce the energy or build the structures necessary for life without the accelerated chemistry that enzymes provide.

The function of any living thing is to pass its genes on to the next generation.

no, structure is the shape of anything if it is living or nonliving thing and function is the job of it.................??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denatured enzymes are the same as enzymes that can no longer function.

Energetically is the monomers in proteins. This is the function that enzymes perform.

An enzyme is a protein that acts as a catalyst in a living thingEnzymes are proteins which work as a biological catalyst, i.e. increases the rate of the chemical reaction.

Enzymes in a living system are typically responsible for digestion. Enzymes can also be responsible for the absorption of nutrients.

A group of tissues working together to perform a function in a living thing is called an organ. The organs make up systems.

Because it is the smallest thing to show characteristics of living things alone.

It's a living thing that has the ability to act or function by itself.

because water is the most important compound for the Enzymes to function & without enzymes our metabolism cant proceed which is the most essential criteria for LIVING

enzymes speed up chemical reactions

Often enzymes require a cofactor in order for them to function as a catalyst

Reactions take place too slowly at body temperature and must be speeded up.

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