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The extracellular part of animal tissue that usually provides structural support to the animal cells in addition to performing various other important functions

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What type of tissue is abundant nonliving extra cellular matrix?

connective - bone has extra cellular matrix

What is the extra cellular matrix in blood called?

That is called as plasma.

What is the function of the water?

It is the main constituent of cytoplasm and the extra cellular matrix, acting as a solvent. It also provides pressure to keep the cells firm.

Their matrix contains enzymes that function in cellular respiration?


Connective tissue is separated into subgroups based on the?

Type of cells within extra-cellular matrix

What is inter membrane space?

It is the extra-Cellular matrix - opposite of the intra-membrane space, the Cytoplasm.

What is the watery fluid that dissolves the materials needed for cell growth and activities?

Internal to the Cell this is known as the Cellular cytoplasm. Outside is the extra-Cellular matrix.

When was Matrix Cellular Services created?

Matrix Cellular Services was created in 1995.

Sto cell line?

Feeder skin fibroblast cells used to provide the extra-cellular matrix for stem cells.

What is the function of the nuclear matrix?

the function of nuclear matrix are

What are all Cells surrounded by?

They are surrounded by The Cell Membrane - they are also surrounded by the 'fluid' extra-Cellular Matrix.

What is the protective outer layer of both animal and plant cells?

Plant has the cell wall. Animal cells have extra cellular matrix

What make your bones extra hard?

The strength and rigidity of the bone is a result of the inorganic salts deposited in the matrix. Matrix is basically just large amount of non-cellular materials, which is what your bones are made of.

What are some protein fibres in the cellular matrix?

Collagen fibres, reticular fibres, and elastic fibres and protein fibres found in the cellular matrix.

Do Golgi bodies store or release chemicals?

Their primary function is the export of much-needed extra-Cellular materials.

Which tissue has a non cellular matrix?

Connective Tissue

What does the biology term extracellular mean?

extra cellular : the elements outside the cell wall are refferred to as extra cellular

Where is the electron transport chain in cellular respiration located?


How a cell membrane moves large particles into the cell?

Through integral proteins (tube shaped proteins that have one opening in the extra cellular matrix and the other opening inside the cell).

What is the function of cytoplasmic matrix?


What system collects extra cellular fluid and returns it to your blood?

Your Respiratory System collects extra cellular fluid and returns it to your blood.

What is the function cellular respiration?

cellular resperaition uses energy

What is the main function of cellular respiration?

The main function of cellular respiration is to break down molecules and generate ATP.

Cellular elements that produce the collagen fibers of bone matrix?

Collagen fibers

In which two parts of a mitochondrion does cellular respiration take place?

cristae and the matrix.