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i think it protects our skin from the harmful uv rays

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Q: What is the function of melanin to the skin surface?
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Does melanin make the skin tougher?

Yes, melanin does make the skin tougher. One of the function of the melanin is to give the skin color. The levels of melanin depends with the amount of the sunlight exposure.

What is the pigment protein found in skin surface?


What is the function of melanin in your skin?

The general function of melanin in our skin is to protect and secure skin and skin cells from harmful ultraviolet rays and rays coming from sun. It contains infinite cells known as melanocytes which increase their production of melanin in response to sun exposure.

How does the function of melanin explain not only the variety of skin colors but susceptibility to skin cancer?

If one has less melanin he or she will be more prone to sun burn, which leads to skin cancer. Also, if a lot of melanin groups up in one area (mole), it can become cancerous and lead to skin cancer.

Does melanin function as a kind of sweat gland?

Melanin is not a sweat gland. Is is the chemical that provides skin color.

What is the function melanin?

Melanin gives color to the skin, hair, and iris of the eyes. Levels of melanin depend on race and amount of sunlight exposure. Sun exposure increases melanin production - to protect the skin against harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition, hormonal changes can affect melanin production.

What are melanocytes?

Melanocytes are the skin cells located in the outer surface epidermis, and responsible for skin and hair pigmentation. They produce melanin.

How does skin get its color?

Part of it is the blood near the surface, the rest is a dye called melanin in certain cells within the skin.

How does melanin help the skin?

Melanin provides the skin with protection from UV radiation.

What is the primary function of melanin?

Melanin is a pigment in the skin of animals (including humans). Melanin is essentially what allows the human body (the skin) to darken when sunlight (or, ultraviolet rays) hits it. The skin absorbs the UV rays and the melanin allows the skin to become darker. A simpler definition: Any of a group of naturally occurring dark pigments, especially the pigment found in skin, hair, fur, and feathers.

What is the function of the melanocytes?

- A cell of the statum basale of the epidermis that synthesizes melanin and transfers it to the keratinocytes.- Any of the dendritic clear cells of the epidermis that synthesize tyrosinase and, within their melanosomes, the pigment melanin; the melanosomes are then transferred from melanocytes to keratinocytes.

What is the role of the melanin in the skin?

It is what gives your skin color. If you have more melanin in your skin, your skin will be darker, if you have less, your skin will be lighter.

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