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It is used as indicator for the endpoint of a Iodometric (redox) titration: it gives a bluish grey to black color with very minute excess of Iodine-iodide ions (I3-)

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Q: What is the function of starch solution in the redox titration?
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What is the reason of heating solution during redox titration?

This is far to be a rule for this titration.

What would happen if there was no starch in the redox titration?

If you are looking at a iodide to iodine redox titration, the solution would turn yellow instead of blue/black. The blue/black color of the iodine-starch complex is very intense and so the end-point is sharper. Without the starch, the endpoint, when the first yellow from the formation of iodine I2, appears, is less sharp and is harder to see.

What is redox titration?

Redox Titration refers to some titration based on the redox reaction between the titrant and analyte.

Difference between acid base titration and redox titration?

Acid base titration involves neutralization reaction between an acid and a base. whereas redox titration involves redox reaction between an oxidizing agent and reducing agent.

Advantages and disadvantages of redox titration?


What is the theory of the redox titration?

i dontknow

What is the function of sulfuric acid in redox titration?

Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4) is used in the redox titration process because it provides the H(+) ions necessary for the reaction to occur more quickly whilst the sulphate(-) ions barely react during the reaction.

What are the type of conductometric titration?

types of conductometric titration: acid base titration complexometric titration replacement titration redox titration precipitation titration

What is the function of the phenanthroline solution that is added to the unknown iron solution?

phenanthroline is used as a redox indicator

Why thiosulphate titration is called as redox titration?

A thiosulfate titration is mostly carried out to determine the amount of iodine present in the solution. In these reactions, thiosulfate ion acts as the reducing agent. This types titrations are often called as 'iodometric titrations'.

Is starch redox indicator?

Starch is a complexometric indicator.

Why you perform heating in redox titration?

Titration is to be done at elevated temperatures to prevent side reactions