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What is the function of the coccyx?

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A coccyx is the end of your spine (tail bone; well actually 3, 4 or 5 bones that are part fused together). It helps you sit down comfortably by providing a third point of impact and lots of muscles and tendons attach to it such as those controlling your pelvic floor muscles which help you know when to go to the toilet and those that help you walk.

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Why is the coccyx a vestigial organ?

Vestigial organs are organs that have an unknown use and we can still function normally if they were taken out and the coccyx can be taken out and we will still be able to function normally. Scientists think that the coccyx used to be a tail and as we evolved and stood upright there wasn't any need for a tail so we lost the tail but it helps connect us with our ancestors

What is the adjective form of 'coccyx'?

The adjectival form of the word "coccyx" is coccygeal.

Do you sit on your coccyx?

no you cannot sit on your coccyx

What is the plural of coccyx?

Coccyges is the plural of coccyx.

Do girls have a coccyx?

All humans have a coccyx.

What is the proper function of the tail bone?

Well our tail bone/ coccyx doesnt really have a proper function. But in this case all it really is, is... i the remnant of a primate tail

The coccyx is to the belly button?

i think the coccyx is your "butt bone"

What section of the spine the coccyx in?

The coccyx is in the sacral section of the spine.

Is the tailbone a coccyx?

Yes. Tail bone is called the coccyx.

Do people have tails?

The coccyx is the remnant of a vestigial tail, our evolutionary ancestors would have had tails. By using simple methods of observation, one can see that humans do not have tails. The coccyx still serves a function as balance and a site where critical nerves interconnect.

What are the bones sacrum and coccyx?

They are the bones at the base of the spinal column. In adulthood the five sacral bones fuse and the coccyx.The coccyx is the butt bone

Does the coccyx articulates posteriorly with sacrum?

The coccyx does articulate with the sacrum in the posterior of your body.

How long is the coccyx tailbone?

The coccyx IS the tailbone, and its length varies depending on the person.

What is the medical term meaning pain in the coccyx?

Coccydodynia means coccyx pain.

What is connected to the coccyx?

The coccyx is the lowermost portion of the human spine, it is located below the sacrum and usually consists of 3-5 bones. These bones can be fused or not. The coccyx is commonly referred to as the tailbone.The sacrum.The coccyx is attached to the sacrum.Sacrum

What are organs with little or no function?

he Appendix and the Tonsils seem to have no significant function. And, although not organs, one could argue that the Coccyx and some of the toes are redundant. But not the big toe!Added:Vestigial organs.

What causes coccyx pain?

Inflamation of the tissue & nerves around the coccyx -- or tail bone...

Which gender shows the coccyx pointed inferiorly?

Both sexes have an inferiorly pointed coccyx.

Is the cervical vertebare the smallest vertebrae?

No, the coccyx is smaller. The coccyx is formed by fused vertebrae.

Why is the coccyx vestigial?

Vestigial means that it is a part that was functional in ones ancestors but no longer has a purpose but yet still exists. The coccyx is the last few bones of the spine that are located in the buttocks below the pelvis. In human ancestors they were part of the tail but they serve no known function now.

What is a Simple linear fracture to the coccyx?

The coccyx is broken in two pieces along a straight line

What is the medical term meaning pertaining to the ilium and coccyx?

Iliococcygeal means pertaining to the ilium and coccyx.

Is coccyx a region?

Coccyx is the final segment of the ape vertebral column. That area is the coccygeal region.

Is a deformed coccyx inheritable?

I am unsure if this provides any evidence of inheritability, but I have a deformed coccyx and so does my Mother

What are some treatments for coccyx pain?

Some of the treatments for coccyx pain include ice packs to reduce inflammation, injections, anti-inflammatory drugs and surgery. Coccyx pain is pain in the tailbone.

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