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What is the function of the external leaf structure?


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external structure of the leaf is nica borromeo

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what is the function of each of the following external parts of a leaf?

Because the leaf structure do not have the ability to store the starch molecules

The main function of a leaf is to help the plant with photosynthesis. The structure helps with this by being flat and wide and by facing the sun.

the internal make up of a leaf isn't really complex the chloroplast is the main component in photosynthesis because it captures sunlight.

Photosynthesis, and secondarily structure.

The function of a plant leaf is to provide a structure in which chloroplasts can be exposed to sunlight so that they can perform photosynthesis.

Leaf is an external organ of the plant

at the external layer is the lamina which is the flat leaf. there is also the network of veins which provides the minerals.furthermore is the petiole which holds the leaf the the main branch.lastly is the cuticle which prevents excessive loss of water of the plant. this is the internal structure of the leaf courtesy from HI

The structure of a leaf is skeletal

draw and label the external part of the leaf

The most important function of a leaf is photosynthesis: the production of energy from sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. The shape of the leaf helps to maximize the sunlight receiving area and the veins in the leaf make it easier to move the raw materials and products of photosynthesis in and out of the leaf.

what is the function of blade of a leaf

sepals are leaf like structure present just below the petals. Its function is to support the flower

External structure is a term used to describe a certain type of asset. An external structure is a relationship that you must rely on that is outside of your own organization.

the leaf like structure of a seed is embryo

It is very helpful to study the rat's external and internal structure because the external and internal structures of a rat are very related to humans and can help you understand your own structure. So, by studying the rat's structure, we can learn more about ourselves.

Function reflects structure and structure determines function

The leaf like structure on a plant is called the imaculus.

it is a cell that gives a leaf is structure.

Structure is related to its function. When the structure of something changes, so does its function. And when its function changes, the structure is bound to change too.

A structure outside. A skeleton of an object.

there 4 branches of morphology. they areexternal morphology : It includes study of external features of an individual.anatomy : It is a study of internal structure of an organ or organ system.histology : It deals with the study of tissues & their organization.cytology : It studies the structure & function of a cell.

Eric swanson says that the external parts and their function are gussaboo

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