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What is the function of the leaf vein?


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The function of the veins in a leaf to help the leaf keep its shape just like how a handle on an umbrella helps it to keep its shape.

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A vein in a leaf carries minerals and water to all the parts of the plant.

to carry water and nutrients (sugars) to the/throughout the plants system.

Not exactly. The vein of a leaf acts just like the veins and arteries in the human body. They carry water throughout the leaf and plant.

The scientific term for the vein of a leaf is Xylem and phloem.

It would no longer survive and has no use towards the plant it self.

function of median cubital vein

The vein down the center of the leaf does what all the other veins do; carry food and nutrients to the rest of the leaf and overall plant.

The central vein can be called a midrib or mid-vein

it is the lobotthe midrib.

the main function of a renal vein is to carry urine to the kidneys

The main function of a renal vein is to carry blood from the kidneys

A vein runs through the leaf and is a thin, firm structure. It looks different from the rest of the leaf, especially the thin membrane that makes up the body of the leaf.

There are eight parts of a gumamela leaf. These parts include the stem, base, lamina, leaf margin, apex, petiole, primary vein, and secondary vein.

The leaf blade , the main vein , the veins , the stem and the leaf.

Main vein, Central vein, Mid vein are all correct to a point. "Rachis" seems to be the scientifically preferred term, though. "Midrib" also sees some usage in a few types of leaf.

what is the function of blade of a leaf

The function of the common iliac vein is to drain into the inferior vena cava. The common iliac vein forms in the abdomen and is a connection of the internal and external iliac vein.

In the leaf itself. The main vein runs along the midrib, or right down the middle of the leaf.

The function of the brachial vein is to transport blood from the arms to the heart. This is usually blood that is poor in oxygen.

The subclavian vein return blood from arms to heart

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