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What is the future for iPod?

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They are going to make an iPod that you can play games games as in, The Sims, Crash Bandicoot and more! like all games they have for play station. and listen to songs at the same time. and you can watch tv on them. ALL channels! they are coming out with this in 2011!!!!!!!!

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Will you get an iPod?

Yes I will , in the future I will defientely get an ipod and i recommend you do as well because they are excellent gadgets!

What to do if you disconnect before ejecting your iPod?

i wont do anything but eject the ipod first in future because it could wreck your ipod

Do you have to pay to download songs on an iPod?

i am not sure if you have to. i am a future ipod buyer so i have to figure all this out!!

Is there such thing as a blackberry iPod touch?

No there is not a blackberry Ipod touch. They might make one in the future but no, there are not any blackberry Ipod touches.

What does the future holds for the iPod?

the future holds some very good and stunning ipods

Can you trade a 3ds for an iPod at future shop?


Can you trade in a kitten for an iPod at future shop?


Can you trade in a human in for an iPod at future shop?

If it is a girl

Is there an iPod Touch future app?

I do not know what you mean...

Where can you get an iPod touch?

You can find an iPod Touch in Future Shop, Walmart, Best Buy, or your local mall!

How can you downloaded frontier ville to iPod touch?

You cant. Theres only farmville for the ipod. but maybe in the future there will be one!

Can you trade in a real kitten for an iPod at future shop?


Is there wolves in minecraft for iPod?

Not for now, but future updates may add them.

Does league of legends work on ipod?

Currently League of Legends does NOT work on iPod. This could change in the future, but is probably not going to happen.

Where are some places that sell ipod touches?

Some places where you can buy Apple Ipod Touches are Walmart, Future Shop, and Best Buy.

How will future music players look?

hopefully not like the new ipod shuffle ;)

Can you trade your Nintendo DS lite in for an apple iPod touch at future shop?


What is the best editing app?

you can found ipod in future shop or best buy

What warranty does Future Shop offer for a new cassette adapter for an iPod?

The Future Shop offers the warranty provided by the manufacturer for a new cassette adapter for an iPod, such as one manufactured by Belkin which is covered for a year regarding parts and another for labor.

Can you use an ipod touch as a mic for the ps3?

As of right now no ,but they might make that possible in the future

Where can you compare the cheapest iPod prices?

To ensure that you are getting an iPod at the cheapest price, you should compare prices at as many iPod retailers as possible. Store such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Future Shop often have the best prices.

Where can one go to buy Orange iPod Nano online?

One may buy an orange iPod Nano at the online store for Future Shop. If they do not have one in stock then one may use Amazon or eBay to find the iPod.

Where can one buy an ipod speaker dock?

You can buy an ipod speaker dock at future shop, best buy or your local electronics store. You can even check your local classifieds to get a decently priced ipod speaker dock at an amazing quality!

Do they still make iPod touch first generation?

Apple are no longer manufacturing 1st generation iPod Touches. 1st generation iPod Touches are now becoming severely out-dated. The next iPhone OS 4.0 software update will not be available for 1st generation iPod Touches because the hardware simply can't support it. This likely means all future updates (4.x & possibly a 5.0 update in the future) will not be available for this device.

What Generation is an IPodTouch 2007?

The iPod touch is a new addition to the iPod family, and as such, it is a first-generation product. So, one could refer to the 2007 iPod touch as the iPod touch (1st generation). Of course, such a distinction is unnecessary until a future generation is released. (Above information current as of November 2007.)