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What is the future perfect progressive tense of wait?


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The future perfect progressive tense of wait is will have been waiting.

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The future tense of wait is will wait.

"had been waiting" is a verb phrase. It's the past perfect progressive tense of wait.

The past tense of wait is waited. Past simple --- waited.past continuous -- was/were + waitingpast perfect -- had + waitedpast perfect continuous -- had + been + waiting

future tense After finishing my home work,I shall play with you

The past tense of wait is waited.

I think it is 'wait' itself

The present tense of waited is wait.

Past tense of wait is 'waited'

Waited is already past tense. It's the past tense of wait.

Economically bankrupting the future of the global economy. Wait for it, wait for it...

Yes, just wait - you are going to the future all the time.

Had waited to get fit.

We can travel in space now. We do not have to wait for the future.

The sentence "It will being waited" is a mixture of tense forms and is therefore not correct.'waited' is the past participle of wait. The past participle is used for past tense, the passive tense, the perfect tenses or as an adjective.'It will' is future.'being' is the present participle of 'be'Depending on what the sentence is intended to mean, some alternatives might be:In general situations:-It will wait.It is waiting.It waited.It was waiting.It had been waiting.It will be waiting.It will have been waiting. ("If I get to I get the bus station in the next 15 minutes, and the bus is still waiting, it will have been waiting for me for more than an hour.")In a restaurant:-It is being waited upon. (e.g. a table in a restaurant)It will be waited on.It was being waited on... ("The table was actually being waited on when the legs collapsed!")

if you put bleach at 7:09 at sunrise perfect time. but you may wanna wait when it is 3:08 that's the perfect if it is hot

"had stood" is the past perfect tense of "stand"; "waiting" is the present participle of "wait"; and "engulf" is the present infinitive of "engulf".

Your just gonna have to wait and see

present - disagree - I disagree with him. present - disagrees - He disagrees with me. past - disagreed - They all disagreed with me. present continuous - am/is/are disagreeing - She is disagreeing just to be awkward. past continuous - was/were disagreeing - He was disagreeing with everything I said. present perfect - They have disagreed with our proposal. past perfect - He had disagreed with our idea before. present perfect continuous - They have been disagreeing all day. past perfect continuous - He had been disagreeing with our idea up until now. going to future - I know he is going to disagree, just you wait. will future - He will disagree, I know it!

Past and Future. Past: I used to wander through the woods. Future: I can't wait to wander in the woods.

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we have to wait in the future LOL

I don't know, we will have to wait and see!

um really we will have to wait and see in the future

WAY more safisticated ! But i guess everyone will haft to wait until the future happens to know!

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