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spark plug gap is .045 unless specified different by spark plug manufaturer.

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1988-1996 350 and 305 engines with (TBI)- throttle body injection.

No, the 1992 Chevy 350 (5.7L) V8 is not a Vortec engine.

Chevy did not have a 350 in 2001 engine options were 5.3, 6.0. or big block

No jets, it's throttle body injected, meaning it's computer controlled.

YES, They sure are and will interchange with NO problems. Direct bolt in.

The Chevy 350 is 5.7 liters the 327 is 5.3 liters

What transmission does a 1998 Chevy silverado 4x4 with vortec 350 in it has a 4L60E OR 4L80E...60 HAS 17 BOATS AND 80 HAS 18

The 350 (5.7L) Chevrolet was installed in the 1500, 2500, & 3500 Chevy trucks. The Chevrolet Silverado had the 350 that year.

305(5.0) or 350(5.7) most likely a 350

If it has a 305 around 15mpg If it has a 350 13-14

Plugs, cap and rotor, air filter, fuel filter, PCV valve. Plug wires if yours are bad.

What engine? V8? 18436572 for chevy 1991 silverado v8 350 diagram

Depending on equipment. Could have a 305 or 350 small block.

Yes, but the exhaust Y pipe from the 305 may not fit the 350.

Those numbers haven't been released yet.