What is the gas mileage for a Hummer H1?


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The gas mileage will be different base on the year of the Hummer H1 and how you drive. The average for the Hummer in the city is 12 MPG and for the highway it is 10 MPG.

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The last h1 hummer was manufactured in mid 2006.

The Hummer H1 has not been made since 2006. General Motors has also put a end to the Hummer brand so it is unlikely the H1 will be made again soon.

if you are thinking sexual then i would say yes if u thinking of car then i would say the h1 hummer as bad due to the fuel mileage

H1 by far. The H2 is taller but the H1 is way wider.

The H1 is a civilian vehicle based on the M998 Humvee. The H1 was originally made by the AM General company. Subsequently, General Motors made the Hummer H1 vehicle.

The fuel efficiency of a Hummer H1 alpha is not good because it averages 10/14 mpg. This car tends to need to refuel every 250 miles and it has a large gas tank.

Hummer H1 cars can be purchased in a variety of places. There are multiple Hummer dealerships in many areas. They can be purchased from a private owner, and even on Ebay!

H1, H2 or H3? They range from $33,000 for an H3 to $140,000 for an H1.

The gas mileage of a Hummer is worse than any other civilian vehicle, as it is around 9 MPG (miles per gallon). The average American gas millage is approximately 20 MPG, so the Hummer's gas mileage is more than twice as worse than an average car's gas mileage.

hummer H1, hummer H2 (public consumer)

The Hummer H1 is 184.5 inches long ( 15 ft 9 inches)

I have a 2003 and it gets about 11.6 mpg

A Hummer H1 has a fuel economy of 12MPG on the highway and 10MPG city. But I read some where that sayed it got 16MPG highway so you decide.

You can find the Hummer H1 alpha in Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 if you have the PC version of the game.

Total 1.9 Lbs/.86kg (Source SixtoMotorSports) The H1 Specialist

The Hummer H1 Alpha produced only in 2006 is considered to be an updated and re-engineered version of Hummer H1 which cease production in 2004. It had a MSRP of $140,796 for the base model and $129,999 for the open-top. It currently has an average value of $84,000 and in good condition can still fetch upwards of $100,000..

I have a 2004 h1 and it holds 25 gallons in one and 15 in the 2end (rear)

AM General LLC Mishawaka, Indiana All Hummer H2 and HMMVEE (H1) are built in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Fram CA8331 will fit your Hummer. Any auto parts store can get this filter for you.

There are many places once can find a Hummer H1 for sale depending on your location. Your local auto dealer may have one or you can try searching auto trading websites such as Auto Trader.

Depends entirely on driving conditions (e.g., Interstate highways vs. surface roads, etc.) and the fuel mileage of your vehicle. The answers will be much different for, say, a Volkswagen Golf TDI, a Hummer H1, and a semi truck.

well theirs open top or wagon ........ $129,399.00 for the open-top; the wagon was $140,796.00, H1 Alpha was priced at $150,975.00............................................................................................................... .....................................

"Originally, the Hummer H1 Alpha could be purchased in White, Black, Red, and Camoflauge. Now, however, many of them have been repainted in custom colors, so it can be purchased in nearly any color of the rainbow."

The H1 is the original Hummer or Humvee, based on the military model. The H2 was introduced as a more consumer-friendly model, based on the Chevy Suburban body frame. It's narrower, but slightly longer and taller than the H1. They both share the distinctive Humvee grille design.

The weight varies slightly based on model year, but the approximate gross vehicle weight of a Hummer H2 is 6,600 pounds. It is lighter than its predecessor, the Hummer H1.

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