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CnH2n+1COOH, where n = 0, 1, 2, 3...

Eg. (In IUPAC Nomenclature):

(n = 0) Methanoic acid : HCOOH

(n = 1) Ethanoic acid : CH3COOH

(n = 2) Propanoic acid : C2H5COOH

Carboxylic acids contain an OH group and a double bonded Oxygen atom to one carbon which is attached to any hydrocarbon

the most basic way to show a carboxylic acid is R-----COOH

R stands for some hydrocarbon...

A carboxylic acid is an organic acid. Organic acid is one that has the acid group made from carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

Carbon has four bonds;

  1. two bonds to one oxygen and
  2. one bond to an oxygen with a hydrogen attached
  3. one bond to the rest of the acid structure.
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Does r-cooh behave as an acid?

Yes. That is the general formula for a carboxylic acid.

General formula for carboxylic acid?

[R]-COOHWhere [R] stands for the "rest" of the molecule e.g. CH3CH2This carboxylic acid would be called "Propanoic Acid" and would be written CH3CH2COOH

Is ammino acid a organic acid?

Yes it is as it contains carbon and has a carboxylic acid group. The general formula for an alpha amino acid is H2N-CHR-COOH

What is the name of the carboxylic acid with the formula CH3 COOH?

Acetic acid

What is the formula for pyruvic acid?

Pyruvic acid is an organic acid which has a carboxylic acid and a ketone functional group. Its chemical formula is C3H4O3.

What are the general reactants of esterification?

Alcohol and Carboxylic Acid.

What is the chemical formula for carboxylic acid?

The general formula is R--COOH. There is one C==O (double bond), and one C--OH (same carbon).

What carboxylic acid is found in vinegar?

Ethanoic Acid (syn.: acetic acid, with the chemical formula CH3COOH)

What is the simplest organic acid?

Formic acid. It is a carboxylic acid with the formula HCOOH and is structured H-CO-OH.

Is formic acid an Aldehyde or a Carboxylic acid?

Formic acid is methanoic acid. A carboxylic acid.

What is the organic family to which CH3CH2COOH belongs?

That would be a carboxylic acid. In particular, that would be the formula for propanoic acid.

What structure of acetic acid?

acetic acid is basically is a weak acid.its chemical formula is is a carboxylic acid.

How do acetic acid and carboxylic acid react?

There is no reaction. Acetic acid is a kind of carboxylic acid.

What is the boiling point of carboxylic acid?

It depends on witch carboxylic acid you mean, there are thousands carboxylic acids.

Why are carboxyl groups hydrophilic?

the carboxylic group normally came from carboxylic acid. Hence, the carboxylic acid is polar acid. and the polarity came from the carboxylic group for that it is hydrophilic group

Acetic acid is the simplest carboxylic acid?

No, Acetic acid (ethanoic acid, CH3COOH) is the second simplest. Methanoic acid (formic acid) is the simplest with the formula HCOOH.

Is a sodium fatty acid salt the same as a carboxylic acid salt?

A fatty acid salt is a kind of carboxylic acid salt. But not all carboxylic acid salts are fatty acid salts.

Is vinegar a carboxylic acid?

Vinegar is ethanoic acid CH3COOH, so yes it is a carboxylic acid.

What is an alpha-amino acid?

An alpha-amino acid is an amino acid which has the amino and carboxylic functional groups attached to the same carbon atom.

What solution contains a carboxylic acid?

Vinegar is dilute acetic acid and thus contains a carboxylic acid.

What is the chemical formula of carboxylic acid?

R-COOH where R is any alkyl or aryl group

Is CH3COOH an ester?

No. The general formula for an ester is R-COO-R', where R and R' are organic groups. R can be a hydrogen, but if R' is hydrogen (as it is in this example) then the compound is a carboxylic acid.

Which can dissolve in dilute sodium hydroxide either phenol or carboxylic acid?

Carboxylic acid.

What is C2H4O2?

C2H4O2 is the chemical formula for acetic acid. This is a carboxylic acid that is made up of two carbons and commonly used as a solvent.

What is the difference between phenol and carboxylic acid?

Phenol is a much weaker in acidic strength than carboxylic acid with a pKa of 10.00 compared to 4.76 in carboxylic acid.

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