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The prognosis for ADHD is good with adequate medical treatment. This includes medication, psychotherapy, and lifestyle changes. ADHD is a lifelong disorder and will have to be addressed properly; treatment has higher odds of success if diagnosed at a younger age.

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Q: What is the general prognosis for ADHD?
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Can ADHD be treated?

Yes. ADHD is a disorder that has a good prognosis with proper treatment. For more information, see related questions.

How do you control ADHD?

ADHD can be controlled and the prognosis is good with proper treatment. The best treatment includes a combination of medication, psychotherapy, and lifestyle changes. See related questions.

Can a general practitioner treat ADHD?

By law they can prescribe the medications but a GP is not qualified to assess ADHD.

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Prognosis of contractures will depend upon the cause of the contracture. In general, the earlier the treatment for the contracture begins, the better the prognosis

Is it bad to have ADHD?

No, not necessarily. ADHD is a life-long disorder for most individuals who have symptoms in childhood meaning it will continue into adulthood. Many celebrities with ADHD have attributed the disorder to much of their success in different jobs. ADHD requires treatment and will take more work than the average person's life would to get in order, but once a person seeks treatment the prognosis is good!

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In general, drug therapy offers effective treatment.

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What does it mean when a medical doctor gives a prognosis of your condition?

A prognosis is his general outlook about the terms of healing, recovery, complications expected with a certain condition, disease or treatment.

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