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The genus name for a goat is a Capra.

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What is the family name for goat?

Goats are in the Caprine family. The genus is Capra.

What is goat in kingdom phylum class order and genus?

The goat belongs to the Animalia kingdom and the Chordata phylum. The goat also belongs to the Mammalia class, Artiodactyla order, and the Capra genus.

What is the difference between a mountain goat and a normal goat?

The difference is that true goats belong to the genus called Capra, and a mountain goat is in a different genus called Oreamnos Americanos. A mountain goat is a goat-antelope because it has characteristics of both these types of animals.

Another name for mountain goat?

Another name for a mountain goat is Rocky Mountain goat. This is a clue that is often used in crossword puzzles. The only place mountain goats are found is in North America. They are not of the same genus as wild goats.

What is the scientific name for a Boer goat?

A Boer goat is scientifically named Capra hircus. The genus Capra includes nine species of goats. The majority of the designated species are different kinds of ibexes.

What is the closest species the mountain goat is related to?

They are genus Oreamnos and the Mountain Goat is the only living species of that genus. Of the Caprinae family they are probaly most closly related to the Bighorn Sheep, but this is a very distant relationship.

What is a mountain goats taxonomy?

Oreamnos americanus is the genus and species for a mountain goat.

What is zoological name of a goat?

zoological name of goat

What is the name of prims goat?

Lady is the name of the goat.

What is the name of a baby goat?

A baby goat is called a "kid".A kidWhat name of baby goat

What is the latin name for goat?

a He-goat is Caper. A She-goat is Capra

What is the scientific name of goat suede?

what is scientific name for goat

What is the genus name for a koala?

The genus name for the koala is Phascolarctos.

What is the genus name for a bluebird?

The genus name for a bluebird is Sialia

Genus name of rabbit?

The Genus name for a rabbit is, "Sylvilagus".

What is the genus name of a zebra?

The genus name is Equius quagga.

The taxonomic name for a goat?

The Taxonamic name for a domestic goat is Capra aegagrus hircus. The taxonomic name for a goat is :Capra hircus.

What is the name of a mother of a goat?

A nanny goat. Male is a Billy goat .

What is the scientific name for a goat?

The scientific name of a goat is "Capra hircus"

The genus name for earthworm?

Lumbricus is the genus name of the common earthworm.

What is male nanny goat name?

A male goat is called a "billy" goat.

What is a dolphins genus name?

Genus Cephalorhynchus

What is the Scienfitic name for German Measles genus only?

Exsample the genus name for Measles is Morbillivirus. So what is the genus name for German Measles?

What is the name of management of goat?

It is called goat farming.

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