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  1. Kämpfer
  2. Streiter
  3. Fechter
  4. Jäger
  5. Schläger
  6. Zerstörer
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Q: What is the german word for fighter?
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What is the German fighter name?

There were a large number of German WW1 fighter aircraft from the Fokker Eindekker to the Fokker DVIII. Albatros, Pfalz, Roland manufactured fighter aircraft duing WW1.

Name of German fighter plane?

a triplane

What are some German fighter planes?

The Messerschmitt

What is the translation of the name Louise in Arabic?

To know what Lois means in Arabic you must know the meaning in English. Lois is the feminine of louise which is derived from the German word loo eez, this German word roughly translates to well known fighter.. fighter in Arabic is mujahid. So technically Lois would translate to Mujahid in Arabic..

What part of speech is fighter?

The word fighter is a noun. A fighter is one who fights.

Can you give me a sentence with the word fighter?

That man was a great fighter.

What was the German fighter in World War 2?

It was a Messerschmitt Me 262.

What is the Japanese word for fighter?

Sentō-ki is fighter as in fighter plane tatakao otoko is a man who fights

Is fighter a noun?

Yes, the word 'fighter' is a noun, a word for someone or something that fights; a word for a type of military aircraft; a word for a person or thing.

How fast can a German fighter sidecar?

Please explain what it means to sidecar.

What is the difference between a spitfire and a messerschmitt?

A Spitfire was a British fighter plane during World War 2 and a Messerschmitt was a German fighter.

How do you say fighter in chines?

The English word 'fighter' has a translation in Chinese. Here this word becomes the Chinese word 'Zhandouji' or possibly 'Zhanshi'.