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What is the german word for mouse?


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mouse = die Maus.

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The German word may be Marshmallow or Mäusespeck ("mouse bacon") which is a similar confection.

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Nouns in the English language do not have genders (unlike German and French, for example). Even if they did, mouse would not have an opposite gender. The word mouse applies to mice of both sexes.

Mickey Mouse :-) Mickey Mouse :-)

The word for "mouse" is "ratón". Although this looks similar to the word "rat", it is definitely the word for mouse.

The word mouse is a noun and a verb.

The Irish word for mouse is luch.luchóg / luch

a maetaphor using the word mousthe mouse is a house

Möbel is the word for furniture in German.

The German word for their is "Ihre."

The word FROM in German is von

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The word for is in German - " ist "

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The German word for he is er.

The German word for "Who" is "Wer".

The plural of the word mouse is mice. The plural of the word moose is still going to be moose.

German is not a compound word.

You can use mouse as an adjective by saying mouse trap or mouse hole.

The German word for German is Deutsch (sounding like "doitch."

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There are a great many words that could be considered a funny word for mouse. A furball is a funny word.

The German word is "Schwein".

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