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What is the gliding position called for the whip kick?

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its called stream line

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How do you do a whip kick?

breaststroke kick

How does bacillus move?

Bacillus used a whip-like structure called a flagellum to move about. Some bacilli that don't have a flagella move by twitching or gliding.

Is whip kick better than wedge kick?

yes Dr. Jinx

What is a jockey's whip called?

A jockey's whip is called a crop.

What is an Australian cowboy's whip called?

There are no cowboys in Australia. The men who work with cattle are called "stockmen". A stockman's whip is called ... a whip.

What is the musical instrument called the whip?

Whip is a percussion instrument. It is also called a slapstick.

How do you whip the person in smackdown vs raw 2008 for psp?

You can't whip them but there is a triple kick reversal move of the ropes and reverse back and slam down

In congress the position whip was named after what sport?

Fox hunting

What was the whip called that they whipped Jesus with?

Jesus was whipped as part of the punishment for our sins. The whip was called the cat of nine tails.

How do iguana defend themselfs?

Hiss......Scratch.....head bob....TAIL WHIP....and bite....oh and kick

What is a riding whip called?

a 'crop'

What is the sound of whip called?


What is the best thing to do if your pony you are riding bucks?

sit back kick them or if you have a whip use that and pull their head up

Does Willow Smith sing you whip my hair back and fourth?

- yes she does but the song is called whip my hair

What is the jockey's whip called?

A riding crop.

The whip used by a horseback rider?

the whip used by a horse back rider is generally called a crop when it is short, the term whip is also used for longer lengths.

What are two roles of the majority whip?

Two roles of the majority whip are to assist the floor leader and ensure member attendance. They also count votes and communicate the majority position.

Is there item called whip?

I seem to remember that there is a microbe (name unremembered) which is part animal and part plant. It photosynthesized light like a plant, but it also feeds itself with a whip-like appendage called a flagellum, the Latin word for whip.

Leader of the minority party is called the whip?


What is whip cream and fruit mixed called?


Is the leader of the minority party is called the whip.?


Which instrumrnt is called a licorice whip instrument?

A clarinet.

The leader of the minority party is called the whip?


Assisting the majority and minority party leaders in both houses are members called what?

Majority whip and Minority whip (PLATO)

In runescape there is a weapon that looks like a whip but you dont need any combat levels to wield it what is it called i think is like a mouse whip or something?

It called a mouse toy.