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Q: What is the goal of pharmaceutical care?
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What is the difference between pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical care?

Pharmaceutcial care is the ultimate goal of pharmacist while pharmacotherapy is one of the Pharmaceutical specialities of a Pharmacist

The goal in end-of-life care is to?

The goal of end of life care is to comfort.

What is pharmaceutical care?

The treatment of symptoms or other malady with medication. At the same time, a senior pharmacist may be charged with reviewing medications to ensure there is no drug interactions or duplicate therapies. This also would be considered pharmaceutical care.

Where can one find reviews for pharmaceutical companies?

One can find reviews of pharmaceutical companies from various sources. These sources include review panels online, health care magazines or websites that specifically endorse and moderate pharmaceutical companies and their products.

What has the author Carolyn Boudreau written?

Carolyn Boudreau has written: 'The physician's perspective of pharmaceutical care'

What is the goal of home care?

The goal of home care is to provide for the needs of the patient to allow the patient to remain living at home, regardless of age or disability.

What has the author Wolfgang Wimmer written?

Wolfgang. Wimmer has written: 'Wir haben fast immer was Neues' -- subject(s): Drug Industry, Drugs, History, Medical care, Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmaceutical technology, Research, Technological innovations, Technology, Pharmaceutical

When working with person who are disabled the general goal of care is to?

Provide total care

What are the negative effects of national health care?

Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies will not make as much money!

What is the goal of a hospice?

The goal of hospice care, whether delivered in the patient's home or in a healthcare facility, is the provision of humane and compassionate medical, emotional, and spiritual care to the dying.

What is the primary goal of hospice care?

A quiet and painless death

What are the goals in pediatrician?

The main goal is to take care of the patient

What types of coverage does Star Health Insurance offer?

"Star Health Insurance offers coverage in outpatient care, emergency room assistance, hospitalization, pharmaceutical care, and coverage with your primary care provider."

Significance of Pharmaceutical?

Significance of Pharmaceutical

Nursing care plan after cesarean delivery?

what are the long term goal and short term goal of cesarean section

Can you accept pharmaceutical sales jobs offers with a degree in child care?

If you have a type of degree, you should be able to work as a pharmaceutical sales. You might need some training in this area before actually working in this area.

Which pharmaceutical and medical products were the most searched 2015?

Men's health prescriptions, beauty and skin care and birth control

Can pharmaceutical be a verb?

No. Pharmaceutical is an adjective or a noun.

What are nursing goals?

the first nursing goal is good care of patients.

What is one goal of medicare?

To provide the elderly with free health care

What are the scope of pharmaceutical analysis?

what is scop of pharmaceutical analysis

Pharmaceutical importance of carbohydrate?

pharmaceutical importance of carbohydrates

What can do after in pharmaceutical chemistry?

what can i do after M.Sc in pharmaceutical chemistry

What is pharmaceutical chemistry?

This is the study and fabrication of pharmaceutical products.

What was Madam Cj Walkers goal.?

Madam C.J. Walker's goal was to be successful in her hair care products and to encourage African Americans.