What is the goal of wildlife managers?

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What is the goal for wildlife conservation?

its Easy, they want all wildlife to be safe.. :)

Who are managers?

Managers are people that are in charge of providing direction to a singular person or a group of people to accomplish a specific goal or multiple goals.

What was the main goal business managers?

To control the workplace and produce more products- APEX

What does attacker mean in soccer?

a player positioned, by preference or the managers choice, in the third nearest the oppisitions goal

What are the differences between the goals of managers and the goals of employees?

In fact, their goals are all for one that is called interests! But if we stand in the position of their own, we can say that, managers' goal is for whole performance of their company because managers have the capability of helping all employees to increase their (employees) own performance, and for the employees, their goal is to finish their own performance, every employee works for their own performance. Even though, we still hope all the employees can work as managers. Collectivism is very important!

What is wildlife conservation?

Wildlife conservation is a practice in which people attempt to protect endangered plant and animal species, along with their habitats. The goal of wildlife conservation is to ensure that nature will be around for future generations to enjoy, and to recognize the importance of wildlife and wilderness lands to humans. Many nations have government agencies dedicated to wildlife conservation which help to implement policies designed to protect wildlife, and numerous independent nonprofit organizations also promote various wildlife conservation causes.

On jumpers for goal posts where is the secret button?

You click on the managers jacket and it will restart the game but you still get all the money from the match :)

What does the path-goal leadership theory entail?

The manager articulates the objectives (the goal) to be accomplished and how these can and should be completed (the path) to earn rewards. This theory encourages managers to facilitate job performance

When wildlife managers talk about wildlife populations what do they mean?

The number of individual animals from a specific species that lives in the ecosystem that they are talking about. That might be a protected area (e.g. kruger national park in south africa has about 20,000 elephants) or in a country (such as the stats on badgers in the uk)

What are the relationship between project managers and line managers?

The relationship between project managers and line managers is that the project managers divide the work among the line managers and the line managers report to the project managers.

What does an ornitholigist do?

They study birds but none specifically. Usually they don't even do that, they can also be ecologists, geneticists, wildlife biologists, land managers, teachers, researchers, outdoor educators, or tour leaders.

What is the stage of the planning process managers should weigh the advantage's disadvantage's and potential effects of each alternative goal and plan?

Managers should examine alternatives before they determine their course of action. Without examining alternatives they may make a bad decision.

Describe different categories of managers?

There is generally three categories of managers. These include the first line managers, the middle managers, and the top managers.

What is the agency problem and how might it impact the goal of maximization of shareholder wealth?

The agency problem is a result of the separation between the decision makers and the owners of the firm. As a result managers may make decisions that are not in line with the goal of maximization of shareholder wealth.

What are the advantages and limitations of the path goal approach to leadership?

The advantage of the path-goal theory is that managers can select from many different leadership theories that are available. The limitation of the theory is that they will be limited in their selection of theories due to the job requirements and existing organizational culture.

How are managers today different from managers in the past?

Managers today emphasize teamwork

What was the main goal of business managers?

The main goals of business manager is to Plan, Implement and control. General definition is to control the work place and produce more goods

When can there arise a conflict between shareholders and managers goal?

conflicts between a shareholders goals ana a managers goal may arise when the shareholder decides to by-pass the principle of agency theory which states that the mangers and shareholders should have equal rights of financial decision making unless one via the other is made to be clearly resolved through devastating financial effects. the conflict from here then oon arises.

Who are industrial managers?

"Who are industrial managers?"

In many ways all managers are Human Resources managers Discuss?

In many ways all managers are human resources managers

Should managers and non managers be appraised from multiple prespectives?

Yes, managers and non-managers should be appraised from the top and the bottom. This will help executive managers get a better idea of how they are performing.

What has the author Patricia Kameri-Mbote written?

Patricia Kameri-Mbote has written: 'Public/private partnerships for biotechnology in Africa' -- subject(s): Biotechnology, Biotechnology industries 'African women as environmental managers' 'Property rights and biodiversity management in Kenya' -- subject(s): Right of property, Wildlife conservation, Wildlife management

What wildlife is on the Rhine?

There is not much wildlife

What is a wildlife park?

What is a wildlife park

What is a wildlife map?

a map of wildlife!