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That's the characteristic Prussian (and later German) military 'step' used in formal march-pasts and on parade. The main feature is that the soldiers don NOT bend their knees when goose-stepping. It was adopted by most East European armies, too. Look, if you can, at old newsreels and the like, even old photos. There's something unmistakable about marching from the hip, without bending the knee. :)

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What is the German marching style?

lifting the knees to waist lineIt is "goose step" marching.

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The goose step is a special march step performed in military parades. It is done by swinging your legs in horizontal position with knees locked.Like other march steps, the "Stechschritt" originated in the 18th century as a method to keep troops lined up properly as they advanced towards enemy lines.

Why is it called goose stepping?

The "goose step" was a method used by the German army while on parade. The step involves marching with high steps by keeping your legs straight. The Germans also had tacks attached to bottom of the boots that made a loud click when the heel contacted the pavement. The name does not make a lot of sense. But if you every watched a goose or duck walk, they do seem to walk stiff-legged. Of course, they usually "waddle" side to side when they walk, which is not exactly a military style. Maybe it was a name that was meant to poke fun at the German step. During his trip to Berlin in 1937, Mussolini was impressed by the German goose step. As soon as he returned home, he tried to teach it to his troops.

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