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a 15 year old is normally in 9th or 10th grade

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Q: What is the grade for a fifteen year old?
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What grade is malia in?

Malia Obama is going into tenth grade this year. She is fifteen years old. Her younger sister, Sasha, is going into seventh grade.

Is shooting blanks bad for a fifteen year old?

Why is a fifteen year old even trying to have a baby? Keep it in your pants!

Can an eighteen year old date a fifteen year old in Indiana?


What grade is a 14 year old in?

A 14 year old is in 9th grade or in 8th grade.

Is it okay if a 15 year old dates a 13 year old who is not a virgin?

It is okay for a fifteen year old to date, yes. It is not okay or legal for a fifteen year old or a thirteen year old to engage in sexual contact of any sort. And, it is the fifteen year old who would likely be charged (and most likely as an adult) should that occur.

What grade is 6 year old in?

A 6 year old is in 1st grade.

Can a twenty three year old be interested in a fifteen year old?

It's perfectly normal for a 23 year old to be intrested in a fifteen year old, but they can't date until both are eighteen (it's against the law).

Can a twenty-one year old get custody of their fifteen year old sibling if the mother is dead and the father beats the fifteen year old?

I believe the answer is YES as long as the 21 year old proves to be capable of doing so.

Is there any jobs going for a fifteen year old?

im a fifteen year old girl who needs a job within the 760 area code

What grade are 15 year old in?

10th normally, unless you skipped a grade or got held back a grade or something like that, but if you didn't you should never be older than 16 in the 10th grade. So 15, 16 at the most.

IS it okay for a twelve year old and fifteen year old to be in love?

I guess so.

Can a 17 year old be charged for letting a 15 year old drive with no license and them getting into an accident resulting ultimately in the death of the 15 year old?

Yes, a seventeen-year-old can be charged for letting a fifteen-year-old drive and letting them get into an accident resulting in the death of the fifteen-year-old.