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The graduation rate at UC Berkeley is consistently above 90 percent. Over the past few years, it has gradually risen. It's one of the higher graduation rates in the country.

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Q: What is the graduation rate at UC Berkeley?
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How many acres is uc Berkeley?

UC Berkeley is 178 Acres

Where is UC Berkeley?

Berkeley, California

When was Evans Hall - UC Berkeley - created?

Evans Hall - UC Berkeley - was created in 1971.

When was UC Berkeley School of Law created?

UC Berkeley School of Law was created in 1894.

When was UC Berkeley College of Chemistry created?

UC Berkeley College of Chemistry was created in 1872.

When was UC Berkeley College of Engineering created?

UC Berkeley College of Engineering was created in 1931.

Percentage of Asian in UC Berkeley?

In the fall of 2008, 41.6% of students enrolled at UC Berkeley were Asian/Pacific Islander.

When was Berkeley founded?

UC Berkeley was established March 23, 1868.

What class ranking do you have to get to get in to uc Berkeley for medicine?

You do not have to have a certain class ranking in order to get into UC Berkeley for Medicine. You do need to have a good GPA.

What type of school is uc Berkeley cooledge?

uc bekeley is public school

What is the campus size for UC Berkeley?


What is the population of uc Berkeley?

As of 2020, the student enrollment at UC Berkeley is approximately 43,000 students.