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Atlas is a name of uncertain meaning.

It was the name of the god whose job it was to support the sky on his back.

That is why all statues that show a man supporting a weight are called Atlases.

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Q: What is the greek meaning for atlas?
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What's the Greek meaning of the name and the logo of atlas

Is atlas a roman or a Greek God?

Atlas was from greek mythology

What was atlas Greek name?

Atlas (AtlaV) is the Greek name.

Is an atlas named for the greek titan atlas?


Is Atlas a god?

Atlas is Greek, but he is not a god. He is a Titan.

How did the atlanic ocean get its name?

It comes from Atlas of Greek mythology, making Atlas the Sea of Atlas

Who was the Greek god Atlas married to?

Atlas was a Titan. Unmarried.

Who is greek god atlas?

Atlas is a greek Titan who holds the sky up for punishment by the mighty god Zeus.

Who was the Greek god Atlas Van Lines?

There is a titan, called Atlas

Where does the world atlas come from?

Atlas come from the name of a greek gaint.

What is greek an roman name for atlas?

it's the same as in greek

When was atlas Greek god born?

Greek myth does not say.