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συνεργασία [seen erga see a]

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Q: What is the greek word for Collaboration?
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What is the greek word and the meaning of collaboration?

The act of working together; united labor.

What is the meaning of the root word 'lab'?

It isn't Greek, it's Latin and it means "work" (labor).

What is the french word for the English word Collaboration?

It's just Collaboration except pronounced: Col-a-bor-at-ium

Can you give me a sentence with the word 'collaboration'?

i would like to thank a co-worker for her collaboration in working on a case. How do i use collaboration in that sentence

What does the word kyoryoku mean?

Teamwork or collaboration

What is another word for collaborator?


What is the abbreviation of the word collaboration?

People commonly say "collab".

What is another word for working together?

Collaboration - work together

What is a thirteen letter word for working together?


What is the greek word for egg?

the greek word for egg is: avgo

What is the Greek word for golf?

There is no Greek word for golf. We use the word ''golf'' or in Greek letters ''Γκόλφ''.

What is the word for jeans in Greek?

There is no word for jeans in Greek. We use the word ''jeans'' or in Greek letters τζίνς.