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Galen (Ηρεμία)

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Q: What is the greek word for calm?
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Is the word 'calm' a greek word?

"Calm" actually comes to English from the Latin "cauma". It is rumored that this Latin is itself derived from the Greek "kâuma" but this linkage is uncertain.

What is the homonym of the word calm?

The homonym of the word calm is "calm." A homonym is a word that is spelled the same and pronounced the same as another word but has a different meaning.

What are adjectives for calm?

The word 'calm' is an adjective; for example: We took a calm walk on a calm afternoon.Some synonyms for the adjective calm are:peacefulquietmildrestfulserenebucolicharmoniousinactivemotionlesspacificplacidtranquilThe word calm is also a verb (calm, calms, calming, calmed) and a noun (calm, an uncountable noun).

What is an abstract noun for calm?

The word calm is an abstract noun; another is calmness. The word calm is also a verb and an adjective.

Is the word calm an adjective?

Yes. The word CALM can be used as an adjective, verb, or noun.

Is the word calm a linking verb?

The word calm is an adjective. It means to be peaceful. Calm can also be a noun and a verb.

What is calm abstract noun of?

The word 'calm' is an abstract noun as a word for a feeling of tranquility or serenity. The abstract noun form of the adjective calm is calmness. The abstract noun form of the verb to calm is the gerund, calming. The word 'calm' is a concrete noun as a word for absence or cessation of motion; an absence of wind; stillness.

Is calm an adverb?

No, "calm" is not an adverb. It is an adjective that describes a state of peacefulness or serenity. Examples of adverbs that could be used with "calm" include "calmly" or "calmly."

How many phonemes in the word calm?

There are three phonemes in the word "calm": /k/ /ɑ/ /m/.

What is the abstract noun of calm?


What word comes before the word before in the before the storm?

The word "the" comes before the word "before" in the phrase "the calm before the storm."

Can you add a suffix word calm?

Certainly! Adding the suffix "-ness" to "calm" would result in the word "calmness," which refers to the state of being calm or peaceful.