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its εννιαίο (enieo) meaning the whole thing, not divided to groups.

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Q: What is the greek word for one group?
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Greek word for one?

The greek word for one is: "ένα" (ena).

What is the root word for decade?

Greek word dekas meaning 'group of ten'

What is a greek word for a group of musicans playing together?


What was the Greek word the KKK originated from?

The group adopted the name Ku Klux Klan from the Greek word "kyklos" meaning circle, and the English word clan.

What does the greek word pothos mean?

Pothos - genus - a group of plants, or a character in greek mythology, he was supposedly Eros's brother

What was recycling in worled war 2?

Recycling ment to be together and unite as a group rec comes from the Greek word uni. And the word cling means group in Greek, which you end up with unigroup. And for more better looking you say together and unite as a group, but the Greek liked to call it recycling.

What is 9 letter greek word for a group of musicians playing together?


How many syllables are in the word group?

The word group has one syllable.

What English word comes from the greek word few?

I'm not sure about few, but one is mono. This word does come from the Greek.

What does sailor mean in Greek?

Sailor is an English word, not a Greek one. So it has no meaning in Greek. So perhaps you should ask, "What is the Greek word for sailor?"

What is the Greek word for hermit?

The word "hermit" comes from the Greek word "ερημιτης" or "herimitis" which means one who lives a solitary life.

What is the Greek word for painful?

one word for it is odynia