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Q: What is the greek word for privilege?
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How do you spell privllige?

The correct spelling of the word is "privilege."

Is there a d in the word privilege?

No. It is a common mistake for people to misspell privilege as priviledge.

What is the Latin root word for privilege?

Privilege comes from the Latin word privilegium which means law relating to an individual person.

How do you spell privilige?

The word is spelled "privileged" (honored or entitled).

How do you spell priviage?

The likely word sought here is "privilege" (prerogative).

How do you spell privelage?

The word "privilege" means a right, honor, or prerogative.

What is the word similar to the word privilege?

An immunity from something, or a benefit.

Can you put the word privilege in a sentence?

Having access to quality education is a privilege that not everyone in the world enjoys.

Is there a word beginning with p that means freedom?


Is it written privalage or privilege?

It is written privilege not privalage. The word means something that someone is entitled to or something they have inherited and benefit from. It can be used to describe in saying it a privilege to watch something.

Can you give me a sentence for the word privilege?

English inheritance law privileged the eldest son. It is a privilege to light the torch for the Olympics.

What is the difference between privilege and privilage?

In truth, there is no difference between privilege and privilage except the spelling. Privilage is simply the commonly misspelled version of privilege that many people happen to do when writing.