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Έξι [exi]

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Q: What is the greek word for six?
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What is the greek word for the word six?

SIX έξι

Does hexadactyl mean six fingers or toes in Greek?

Yes, the word polydactyly does mean many fingers and toes in Greek.

What is the root word of hexagram?

Greek root 'hexa' is the combinant form of the Greek 'hex', meaning 'six'

What does hexagon mean in Greek word meanings?

Hexagon in greek means six

How many sides on a hexagonal?

"Hex" comes from the Greek word for "six", so hexagonal means six-sided.

Is the word hexapod Greek or Latin?

Hexapod is a Latin word. It does not translate to English therefore, those who speak English would just say hexapod. Hexapod means to have six feet. So the translation of to have six feet would translate to hexapod. To have six feet in Greek is Για να έχουν έξι πόδια This word is Greek in origin, not Latin

The word isopod comes from the greek word same feet How is this name appropriate for the pill bug?

All pill bugs have six legs that are identical. This is how the name is appropriate for the Greek word "isopod".

Why is a hexagon called a hexagon and not a sexagon?

Most polygons have numerical prefices which are derived from Greek. The exception are quadrilateral and nonagon which use Latin prefices. The Greek prefix for six is hexa.

What is the latin word for Hexagon?

The Latin word for a hexagon is "hexagnum." The Latin word is derived from the Greek word "hexagnos," and they all mean "something with six angles."

What word has the prefix hexagon?

Hexagon is a root word for us, derived from the Greek hex, 'six'.

What are the names of six Greek gods?

Gods from Greek Mythology:AphroditeApolloArtemisAthenaDionysusHeraHermesPoseidonZeus

Does hexabrachial mean six arms in Greek and Latin?

Yes. Hexabrachial mean six arms in Greek and Latin