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ΑΘΛΗΜΑΤΑ (Athlimata)

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"άθλημα" (athleema)

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Q: What is the greek word for sport?
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What is the origin of the word sport?

it is greek and means a pastime.

What was the greek word for one participates in sport contests?


What does sport means in Greek?

sport is αθλητισμός in greek hope it helps

What was the greek word for one who participates in sport contest?


What is the word for the fear of viewing sports or playing sports?

sportsphobiaIt is not sportsphobia. That mixes Latin with Greek words which you should try to avoid in compound words.The word 'sport' comes from from Old French desporter(des- 'away' + porter 'carry') which is in turn from the Latin word portare, to carry).The word 'phobia' is the Greek word for fear, so you cannot mix the two.Sp, to work out the name of any phobia, you need to find the name of the thing that is feared in Greek (for example spider in Greek is arakhne, so the fear of spiders is arachno-phobia).The Greek for sport is athletikos (which originally meant to compete for a prize), so a fear of sports is athletikophonia.I mean here ancient Greek of course, as in modern Greek the word 'spor' is also used for sport.

Where did gymnastics orignate from?

The word gymnastics originates from the Greek word "Gynos". It originates from the rythmic movements the the Greeks did. After, the Romans and the Chinese picked up on it until it has changed into the sport that it is now.

What is a word to describe a series of eight?

From the Greek "octo" a series of 8 could be an octuple. A sport involving 8 separate activities is an octathlon.

What was the Pancratium in ancient Greek times?

a sport that was held in the ancient greek Olympics

What did greek boys do in school?

they done sport

When were the first sport played?

At the Greek Olympics.

Who invented gymnastices?

the greek invented this sport.

What was the most dangerous Greek sport?

The Pankration :)