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Έργο (ergo) , δουλειά (dulia) , εργασία (ergasia) , δουλεύω (dulevo)

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Q: What is the greek word for work?
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What does the word work mean in greek?

The Greek root word for "work" is "ergon." It does not share a meaning with the Old English word for work, which is "wrycan."

What is the Greek word for voice?

the greek work for voice means foni

Where did the word energetic originate from?

Energetic derives from the Greek word 'ergon' meaning to work. There is also a Greek word 'energein' meaning to work in, upon or operate. The word eventually passed into the English language to mean powerfully effective

What is the greek word for leisure?

Greeks go to party's or work

What is the another word for hard work?

another word gor hard work, is work hard. which comes from america, which comes from greek. toil

Where does the word iconic originate from?

the word is from the Greek 'Eikon' meaning a religious work of art, commonly painting

Element that comes from the greek word meaning stone?

Lithium coming from the greek work lithos, which is roughly translated at stone

What is the origin of contamination?

The word "contamination" comes fron Greek and the root work is contamin. The word was made in 1876. Many Irish people used the word. The Greek people just used the root word.

Where is automat?

The word Automata derived from a Greek word Automaton, Automatas means any machine can work on his own will.

How do you translate energy into greek?

Its a greek word. Eνέργεια (energia/ energy) Eν-εργο having the ability to do something (εργο : work)

Where does the prefix bio come from?

Bio comes from the ancient Greek work Life. Bio comes from the word 'life' from ancient Greek

Which language does the word 'massage'originate?

The word massage comes from the French, Arabic and Greek languages. It means friction of kneading in French, to touch or handle in Arabic and work with the hands in Greek.