What is the greeting in Maltese?

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'Hello' is generally used.

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Q: What is the greeting in Maltese?
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Is salaam how you say hello in Afghanistan?

Salaam: A salutation, greeting, or blessing which means peace. As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم) is an Arabic spoken greeting used by Muslims as well as Arab Christians and Jews. The term Salam in Arabic means "Peace". The greeting may also be transliterated as Salaam 'Alaykum. It means "Peace be upon you". The traditional response is WA `Alaykum As-Salaam, meaning "and upon you be peace." This type of greeting is common in the Middle East and Africa; its Hebrew counterpart greeting is Shalom aleichem and in Maltese is Sliem ghalikom. The greeting is almost always accompanied by a handshake

Do Maltese get bigger?

do Maltese get bigger

How do you say Maltese in Maltese?


How are you in Maltese?

How are you in Maltese is 'kif int?'

Is the Maltese girl better than the Maltese boy?

I'm partial to the Maltese Falcon.

What are people from Malta called?

Maltese (English) Maltin (Maltese Language)

Which is smaller a teacup Maltese or a toy Maltese?

A Maltese is a toy dog (a toy Maltese is the same as saying a normal Maltese--which should weigh 5-8 lbs.), so a teacup Maltese is smaller than a toy Maltese. A teacup should weigh about 3.5-4.5 lbs.

What is the Maltese star?

i think a Maltese star is a celeberty Maltese or a celeberty dog or it can be a star in the sky shaped like a Maltese dog or a dog.

What is the famous thriller the Maltese?

The Maltese Falcon

Where did the Maltese come from?

the Maltese originated in Malta

Is Britney Spears half Maltese?

No she just had a Maltese family member but that doesn't make her Maltese

What is the Maltese word for sit?

In Maltese to say sit you say: poġġi ,infact I am a Maltese person.

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