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the book says to remove the head bolts gradually. In 2 or three increments and a certain order to prevent damage to aluminum head.

the proper torque sequence follows... looking from the driers side...

Passenger side- 10 4 2 5 7

Drivers side - 8 6 1 3 9 ( rear of engine)

I believe the propper torque is listed as 36-46 Ft-lbs

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Q: What is the head torquing sequence on a 22r?
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What are the torque specs for a 22r head?

get specs from your local librarys technical isle look up specs and tightening sequence.

Mitsubishi 4g93 head torque setting?

This process is for angle heads struds ( original from Mitsu)... First initial torque must be 20Nm in alternate bolts from center to outside. follow above numbers.... 7 3 1 5 10 9 6 2 4 8 Next step is unscrew all bolts in reverse sequence. Next step is torquing again all bolts in initial sequence with 70Nm. Next step is torquing all bolts in same sequence rotating at 90 degrees. Last setp is torquing all bolts in the sequence for more 90 degrees..

What is the proper torquing sequence and ft-lbs when replacing a head gasket on a 89 Honda Civic?

The following sequence will be ok for the Honda civic 1.3 and 1.5 16v with engine codes D13B2 and D15B2. 8 6 2 4 109 3 1 5 7 starting at number 1 and following through to number 10 The 1st stage of torquing the head down is as follows.30nm or 22.1 ftlb After doing this on all 10 head bolts, the next stage is as follows. 65nm or 48ftlb If however it is a 1.6i-vt Honda civic i do have sequence and torque settings for engine codes D16Z6 and B16A2 aswell. hope this information is of some help..

How much should I tighten down my 35 Chevy heads before torquing them?

it's hard to say how much to tighten the head bolts without torqing them. I would snug them with a ratchet, and then go around the proper sequence with a torque wrench.

Can I use a 22r cylinder head that came out from a 22r block that has popup pistons and put it on a lazor block that has flat pistons?

It may bolt up but you'll have poor compression with no power, so the answer is no.

Where do you find the torque specs for an 87 VW cabriolet cylinder head?

Torquing the '87 Cabrio cylinder head is a three-step operation. Using the correct 12-point socket and - most importantly, following the correct tightening sequence - torque the head bolts to 30 ft/lbs. Next, go back over the bolts in the same sequence and snug them to 44 ft/lbs. A final torque sequence requires all head bolts to be tightened an additional 1/2 turn. Also suggest you invest in both the Robert Bentley and Haynes service manuals for your vehicle. All specifications, torque values and, where necessary, the correct sequence of tightening, are provided.

Cylinder head torque sequence for a 1991 pathfinder?

what is the head torque sequence for a 1991 pathfinder

How can i get more power out of a Toyota 22r?

you can put a 20r head on it. they match up and youll get more power

How many pounds do you torque the head of a 1989 22R pickup truck?

58 ft. lbs. but must be torqued in correct sequence * 8 6 1 3 9 * front of engine * back of engine * 10 4 2 5 7

Water leaking under intake on 22r?

Sorry, but what is a 22r ?

What causes the head Gasket to blow on a Harley Davidson sporster?

Normal wear and tear usually. If you have repeated head gasket failure, there is a problem with the surface or the torquing procedure

How do you change head on 22r motor?

get a chiltons or haynes manual. they are full of much needed info for doing the job.

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