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Chasteberry is known by several names in Arabic, such as Ghar bari azraq, Habb el-faqad or Bengenkusht. Perhaps the most common is Kef maryam or Kaf marim.

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What is chasteberry called in urdu?


What is vitex?

It is the scientific name for a herb better known as Chasteberry.

What are the common names of chasteberry fruit?

The fruit is also called chasteberry, vitex, or monk's pepper.

What is sage herb in Arabic?

Sage Herb = Merameyya ( in Arabic ) and it written in Arabic this way : ميرمية

What is the herb diinsi called in English or Arabic?

Sarcophyte piriei / BALANOPHORACEAE.

What is common name for herb burdock in Arabic?


What is chasteberry in tagalog?


Why is banana called as a herb?

because it is a herb not a fruit, Banana's are a herb

What is chasteberry in Filipino?

dalaga baya

What is the English name for the herb used in tea written phonetically in Arabic as sheeba?


What is rosemary called in Arabic?

Rosemary is called ندى ​​الجبل in Arabic

What is the herb false unicorn root called in Arabic?

There are some old Arabic names of herbs which may refer to the false unicorn root, but if they did they have fallen into disuse anyway. Because the genus is exclusively American and the medicinal use of the plant was developed in America, there does not appear to have ever been any clear and unmistakeable Arabic name for it.

What is the color brown in Arabic called?

brown colour called in arabic '' bunni ''

What diseases does chasteberry tree treat?

This question has not yet been answered.

What are the medicinal actions of chasteberry tree?

This question has not yet been answered.

What is a Spring-flowering woodland herb called?

a spring flowering herb Jack in the pulpit

How men and women called in Arabic?

Men in Arabic is "رجال" Women in Arabic is "نساء" Man in Arabic is "رجل" Woman in Arabic is "امراة"

Can Chasteberry make breasts grow or get bigger?

Chasteberry is one of the world's most popular herbs, yet very few women taking it report increase in breast size. However, in a small number of cases breast growth has been reported, so it appears from anecdotal evidence that occasionally taking chasteberry can help promote breast development.

How do you say cute in Arabic?

Cute in Arabic is called: Zarif .

What does princess mean in Arabic?

a princess is called as "aliza" in arabic.

What is the main language of Arabic people?

" Arabic people" are Arabic speakers who are called Arabs. Arabic is the language they speak mainly.

What did the gods call the herb that Odysseus used to protect himself from Circe?

A magical herb called moly.

An herb that increases lactation is called what?


What are called animals that eat herb?


Why are Arabic numerals called Arabic numerals when they actually came from India?

Arabic numerals are called that because the European interpretation of those numbers comes from the Arabs. The numerals are called Arabic numerals (even though they do not resemble modern Arabic numerals in the slightest) to distinguish them from Roman numerals.