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Key Club is a club dedicated to serving the community and student body through community service, education, and fundraising. The club also supports building leadership among its members. They are the daughter organization of Kiwanis, a similar organization for adults. Typically, membership is open to enrolled high school students in grades 9-12.

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Q: What is the high school club Key Club?
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What is the history of the Key's Club?

Key Club was started in May 1925 in Sacramento, California, by the local Kiwanis club. The original purpose of Key Club was to provide an active, vocational guidance program for the student body. Later, in response to many other opportunities for service in the school, Key Club began to expand. Today Key Club is the largest high school service organization in the world. It has become the high school service club. At the outset, Key Club grew with the help of Kiwanians who visited the Sacramento club and came away with the idea of introducing the high school service club to their own communities. This idea spread quickly, and soon Key Clubs began to form across the United States. By 1939, Florida had enough clubs to hold a state convention and form an association of Key Clubs, thus starting the first districts. Members then traveled to Florida for the first International Convention. There, Malcom Lewis, from West Palm Beach, Florida, was elected the first International President. Key Club experienced a banner year in 1946, during which the first Canadian club was established, and the official publication of Key Club International, KEYNOTES, was first published. Also in that year, at the convention in New Orleans, the Key Club International Constitution and Bylaws were adopted. With the Constitution and Bylaws as a guide, Key Club International has since spread across North America and to seventeen countries, which have now been divided into 31 districts.

When was Key Club created?

Key Club was created in 1925.

What Clubs does American High School of Fremont CA offer?

American High School, Fremont CA. American High School of Fremont, offers a wide variety of clubs that students of AHS can join. Each year American has different clubs and of course some of the same from the previous years. New and interesting clubs can be started at anytime, all you have to do is speak to American's Activities Director.(ASB/Leadership Teacher). Some examples of clubs offered at American: Asian Pacific Islander(API),Chess Club,R-E-C-Y-L-E Club,Math Club,Guitar Club,Debate Club,Mock Trial Club,Interact Club,Key Club,Spanish Club,French Club,Art Club,Get Outdoors Club(GO),Athletes Aidding America(AAA)Black Student Union(BSU),Be A Mentor(BAM),Japanese Art Manga(JAM),Afgahn Club,Youth Alive,H.O.P.E,Crafts&Baking Club,Drama Club,Rubix's Cube Club,Filipino Heritage Club,Racket Club!

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How long has the Key Club existed?

The first Key Club was started in 1925 in Sacramento, California.

Are there any high school clubs that focus on fundraising?

Depends on the school of course but at my school, they have YWLC which has a lot of fundraising and the Key club also the student council usually does a lot of fundrasing! Hope this helps Erm :)

Are uniforms required in Key club?

no they are not my key club gets matching shirts just so we look better

How do you retreive the key in club peinguin?

What type of key?

What does key in key in key club stand for?

Kiwanis Educated Youth

Where is the Key West Garden Club in Key West Florida located?

The address of the Key West Garden Club is: Po Box 4131, Key West, FL 33041-4131

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