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It is a doctorate. The following are the general degree types from lowest to highest.

* Associate's degree

* Bachelor's degree

* Master's degree

* Doctorate (highest level of academic attainment)

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Q: What is the highest degree for international business?
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What is the highest paid business degree?

Master of Business Administration

What degree is BIB?

Bachelor in International Business

What sort of jobs are you qualified for with a degree in International Business?

A degree in International Business prepares students for careers with major international companies. These companies are often in the shipping, transportation, and manufacturing fields.

How much more does a graduate degree help in International business?

I dont think so a degree helps in international business it should depend on his grasping power and he is a person keen to learn is good enough in international business.

Whats the minimum degree you can have to have an international business job?

The minimum degree you need for international jobs is dependant on experience and languages spoken. In some cases you can achieve an intenational business job with a 2 year degree as long as the focus is in business.

What highest degree required for business?

A very high one

Does North Carolina State offer a degree in International Business?

No, North Carolina State University, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, does not offer a degree program in International Business.

Where is the International Business College?

"The International Business College is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Along with many different business degree programs, they offer computer and healthcare programs."

What is the most popular degree program in Milwaukee, WI?

Business Administration Degree Program is the top ranked degree program in Milwaukee.The University of Wisconsin's Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business is given the highest rank for this degree

What colleges in Tennessee offer international business degree?

University of Phoenix in Chattanooga, TN

What is a degree in international development?

A degree in international development is designed to help a person find their niche the quickly growing global economy. Learning the ins and outs of business with other countries and other types of economies is part of this degree.

Where to go to colege?

where you go to colege depenpens on what you want like you want a degree for business go to a colege that has the highest oppurtunites for a business degree, say you want a colege in virginia, for a business degree and the cheapest rate look for coleges that have soming close to what you want.