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HEY, Im on level 100 Gold All-Time Great Pet i just logged on today and saw the level and totally freaked out. so yeah here is your answer

hope you enjoyed it. =D

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How do you level up in pet society?To level up in Pet Society you can visit your friends or earn trophys and awards and that will level you up.

When you are level 30 :)

you do it by getting 420.000 paw points .

level 12 premier! That's the highest i know!

There are ways of cheating I myslef have not yet found one but if you download a device called cheat engine then search pet society cheats you could find out how to do this.

You need 1400 paw points to get on to level 24 !!!

You must have 1,500 XP (experience) in order to become Level 9,

There are no jobs for you in pet society

You can level up by visiting your friend's, cleaning pets in the cafe or your friend's, buying things.

Your Wizard could go up to level 95, the pet is mega.

you start from level 1 and gain experience and adding one level at a time. there are people who are now level 25 and above.

how to upgrade my paw points in pet society

I don't think you can restart your pet society -_-

you dont get a 3rd room ...its appears if you get to a higher level..and the higher the level the more rooms :) Hope i helped

Level 1 Getting StartedLevel 2 New Arrival Basic BallLevel 3 Learner Basic FrisbeeLevel 4 Playful Pet Basic Skipping RopeLevel 5 Fresh Face Bigger House with two rooms, Portable TVLevel 6 Promising Prospect Better SoapLevel 7 One To Watch Better BallLevel 8 Growing Talent Better BrushLevel 9 High Achiever Better FrisbeeLevel 10 Popular Pet Better Skipping RopeLevel 11 Influential Pet Bigger House with three rooms, Digital TVLevel 12 Rising Star Super SoapLevel 13 Established Presence Super BallLevel 14 Society Stalwart Super BrushLevel 15 Famous Pet Super FrisbeeLevel 16 Media Darling Super Skipping RopeLevel 17 High Profile Pet Bigger House with four rooms, Plasma TVLevel 18 VIP Pet Lovely SoapLevel 19 Celebrity Pet Golden BallLevel 20 It Pet Golden BrushLevel 21 A-List Pet Golden FrisbeeLevel 22 Renowned Pet Golden Skipping RopeLevel 23 Superstar Pet Bigger House with five roomsLevel 24 Hollywood Pet Aqua SoapLevel 25 Megastar Pet Pro BallLevel 26 Platinum Pet Crystal BrushLevel 27 Uberstar Pet Star FrisbeeLevel 28 Ultimate Achiever Expert Skipping RopeLevel 29 Superb Pet Bigger House with six roomsLevel 30 Heroic Pet Golden Star SoapLevel 31 Royal Pet Crystal BallLevel 32 Historic Pet Ruby BrushLevel 33 Super Pet Gem FrisbeeLevel 34 All-Time Great Star Skipping RopeLevel 35 Ultimate PetLevel 36 Ruby Renowned Pet Heart SoapLevel 37 Ruby Superstar Pet Ruby BallLevel 38 Ruby Hollywood Pet Sapphire BrushLevel 39 Ruby Megastar Pet Sapphire FrisbeeLevel 40 Ruby Platinum PetLevel 41 Ruby Uberstar Pet New RoomLevel 42 Ruby Ultimate Achiever Pet Sapphire Heart SoapLevel 43 Ruby Superb Pet Sapphire BallLevel 44 Ruby Heroic Pet Rainbow BrushLevel 45 Ruby Royal Pet Rainbow FrisbeeLevel 46 Ruby Historic Pet Sapphire Skipping RopeLevel 47 Ruby Super Pet New Room

Nothing, according to this person... What_level_in_pet_society_is_the_biggest

you can delete your friend in pet society by unfriending her / him on facebook.

The Hunter pet becomes available from level 10 on, so at any level at or after 12 you can do the quests and get hunter pet skills. If you mean that your pet is still level 10 and you'd like a higher level pet, simply take it with you, it will level soon enough. You can also abandon it and tame a new (level 12) pet.

Level 100 is the highest level you can get your Pokemon .

The highest level is level 20.

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