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The highest temperatures in Toronto at the city weather station was 41 °C (105 °F) recorded on 3 consecutive days from July 7-July 9, 1936. Typical summer high temperatures are 32°C (90 °F).

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What's the max temperature in Canada Toronto?

The highest or max temperature recorded in Toronto, Canada was 104 degrees F.

What is the highest temperature on Venus?

The highest temperature is 478oC.

What is the highest temperature in Puerto Rico and where?

The highest temperature is 98.

What is Europa highest temperature?

Europa's highest temperature is 690ºc

Toronto--what is the temperature in Toronto in Fahrenheit in October?

It can vary from 40 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is lowest temperature in Toronto ever?

The lowest temperature that was ever recorded in Toronto, Ontario was -31. 3 C. This temperature occurred on January 4,1981.

What is Canada's highest structure?

Canada's highest structure is the CN Tower in Toronto.

What is the highest temperature recorded in The Bahamas?

The highest recorded temperature in the Bahamas occurs usually in June. The temperature is usually about 102. That is the highest.

What is Jupiters highest and lowest temperature?

jupiter highest and lowest temperature

What is Finlands highest temperature?

Finlands highest temperature is in summer and it is 42c

Which state is expected to have the highest temperature?

Wisconsin is expected to have the highest temperature.

Is Toronto Stockholm or Moscow at the highest latitude?

Stockholm then Moscow then Toronto. Northern most to southernmost.

What does maximum temperature mean?

The warmest/highest temperature something can get, or the warmest/highest temperature something can stand.

Highest temperature on Saturn?

the highest known temperature on saturn is 700 F

What is the highest temperature Agra in India?

45*c is the highest temperature (113)

What is the highest and lowest temperatures on Saturn?

the highest temperature on saturn is its lowest temperature

What was the highest temperature in Talil Iraq in 2009?

The highest temperature was 51°C.

What is the highest surface temperature of saturn?

Saturns highest surface temperature is 1,982

What is the highest temperature on venus in Fahrenheit?

The highest temperature in Fahrenheit is about 890 o

What is the highest temperature of gaya in India?

Highest recorded temperature...86°F

What is the highest temperature setting on a home oven?

450 is the highest temperature setting.

What is the highest temperature in tropical rainforests?

The highest temperature is 93 f

What was the highest temperature in New Delhi in the summer of 2006?

highest temperature in new delhi 2006? Highest temperature was recorded at 49.3 deg centigrate

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