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Q: What is the highest winning total score at the masters?
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What was ben hogans best score in the masters?

4 round total of 280.

What is the lowest total score ever for the four day Masters tournament?

The lowest total score ever for 72 holes in the Masters Tournament was Tiger Woods' score of 270 in 1997.Tiger Woods=270

Which team made highest score in ICC cricket world cup match and what was the score?

India made Highest score in ICC world cup matach against Bermuda.and the total score is 413/5

How does degree of difficulty figure total into the final score in olympic diving?

It is being multiplied against the total score given by the judges (usually 7 removing the highest and lowest score).

What is the total highest score made by a team in a match in the whole cricket history and who is it?


What is the highest total score by a country in a cricket test match?

Sri Lanka - 952/6d

What was the highest score in a nba game?

The highest score in an NBA regular season game happened in 1983. The Detroit Pistons beat the Denver Nuggets in 3 overtimes 186-184-- a total of 370 points.

What is highest total team score of kkr?

222-3 (vs. RCB in the first match of IPL)

What is the highest personal score in the NBA?

Dec. 13, 1983: Pistons 186, Nuggets 184 total score of 370

What is the highest score you can receive on a GEPA test?

I looked it up for you and the answer is: 52. The total maximum points possible is 52.

Which playing card game should you attempt to get a total of 21?

That game would be Black Jack the winning score is the closest hand to 21

What if I am winning in scrabble but can't make a last move?

The game ends when all letters are in play and neither player can make another word. Each player gets the points from the letters on the opponent's rack. The player with the highest total score wins, no matter who made the last move.