What is the history of Delaware?


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The web address of the Delaware History Museum is:

The phone number of the Delaware History Museum is: 302-322-8411.

The address of the Delaware History Museum is: 505 Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

Delaware Museum of Natural History was created on 1972-05-13.

The address of the Delaware Museum Of Natural History is: Po Box 3937, Greenville, DE 19807-0937

delaware got it state hood in Dec. 7, 1787

Delaware is famous for its historical landmarks and it's collage and all of its wonderful history

One is that Delaware was admitted to the union on December 7,1787.

Unlikely at that point in history.

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Delaware was admitted into the Union on December 7, 1787 becoming the 1st state to join the union.

Samuel Argall founded it!

Walter A. Powell has written: 'A history of Delaware' -- subject(s): History, Education

The majority of immigrants that settled in Delaware throughout history have come from Ireland, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Africa.

I don't know, ask your history teacher

I have no Idea so if you are doing this for a history project... BUG OFF and ask your history teacher

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i do'nt know Im not very good at history

At this moment in history they are the first and last of the United States.

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It became a state by the river and bay I hope it answers your question!!!

It depends on the offense and you history since than.

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